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Published in the April 2012 Issue Published online: Apr 09, 2012 Tyler J. Baum, Editor
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Isagro USA

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Badge X2: This patented copper fungicide contains both copper hydroxide and copper oxychloride. The biosynergy of this combination provides quicker and longer-lasting control of a broader spectrum of diseases using less metallic copper. Badge X2 is also OMRI Listed, making it the ideal choice for both conventional and organic growing practices. Badge X2 is a water-dispersible granule (WDG), giving it optimal mixing and handling characteristics.

Badge SC: With the same Isagro-patented biosynergy combination of copper hydroxide and copper oxychloride found in Badge X2; Badge SC is a highly stable liquid formulation that is setting the quality standard for liquid copper fungicides.

Kentan DF: With its state-of-the-art dry flowable (DF) formulation of copper hydroxide; Kentan DF offers growers excellent disease control and extended rainfastness over other brands at a price that makes it the value-leader in copper fungicides. PG