Published online: Aug 19, 2009
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Web Exclusive

Toro has launched an 8-page color informational resource, entitled "What is Drip Irrigation?" in an effort to educate those unfamiliar with the technology used in both agricultural and landscape applications. This document is posted on both as well as Toro's newest educational website,
"Interest in drip irrigation has exploded as farmers and the landscape industry seek innovative ways to use water more efficiently," says Claude Corcos, senior marketing manager at Toro Micro-Irrigation. "And while water shortages often drive users to drip, it is often the production improvements and cost-saving benefits that become even more valuable than the water savings."
The manual outlines the many advantages of drip irrigation, including increased yields and quality, and reduced water, fertilizer, energy, labor and chemical costs. Runoff and deep percolation are usually reduced, and improved field accessibility is another advantage. Since water is targeted to the plant root zone, water application to non-target areas is avoided as well.
"The paper includes a full discussion of the various emission devices, and distribution and control systems. We also translate drip jargon, and provide an informative reference chart comparing drip technology to both sprinkler and gravity irrigation," explains Corcos.
Toro's new educational website,, was created to provide drip education material for agriculture, landscaping and nursery/greenhouse applications. There is general information about drip irrigation design, installation, operation and maintenance, and links to software that can be used online. In addition, there is a growing list of grower testimonials.
"Growers are using drip to become better farmers, and we at Toro feel it is important to share their field experiences with a larger audience," says Corcos. "That's why we are investing in education, to facilitate the transfer of information regarding the benefits drip is providing our customers."
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