Harvest the Wind

Triad WindGen has new generation system

Published in the August 2009 Issue Published online: Aug 06, 2009 New Products, Potato Equipment
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Merrick Machine Company, under the brand name Triad WindGen, has developed and introduced a new, revolutionary wind power generation system. Wind power is now a reality for the farm, ranch, business or home thanks to Triad WindGen.

Triad WindGen uses the proven technology of a legacy design, which also gives a conventional look that is aesthetically pleasing and acceptable to both the owner and neighbors. By utilizing rugged metal construction, there is no need for guy-wires and their associated big footprint. The Triad WindGen system includes the freestanding tower.

With on-grid and off-grid capabilities, the Triad WindGen system has the ability to both make you money and save you money.

Triad WindGen was designed to operate at low start-up wind speeds, unlike many turbine manufacturers that tout their power output at wind speeds that will rarely be experienced. Far more important is the performance at lower speed ranges that are more common. Lower blade speed means lower noise (one of the leading complaints of three-blade systems). Also, higher speed means higher friction, and therefore, higher wear and maintenance concerns.

Thanks to its daily reliable power generation, a smaller battery bank can be utilized.

Wind power offers both environmental and health benefits. Wind energy aids with lowering emissions, reducing smog and eliminating a major source of acid rain. Cleaner air means healthier air, especially for people with respiratory disabilities. The growth potential for wind is staggering: development of just 10 percent of the 10 windiest states could provide more than enough energy to displace emissions from coal-fired power plants.

The federal government is encouraging wind power adoption with financial incentives to reduce "out of pocket" expense through USDA grants and loans as well as personal tax credits for residential usage of small wind. Many state and local incentives may also be available as well.

Triad WindGen has been designed and manufactured, in-house, at Merrick Machine Company by a team of professional engineers and dedicated fabricators. Backed by over 50 years of machine manufacturing experience and head-quartered in Alda, Neb., the system is proudly made in the windy Midwest.

For questions about Triad WindGen, to further discuss specifications or to learn how to become a dealer, call 800-568-7423 ext. 126 or visit www.triadwindgen.com.