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Fully-integrated pump and irrigation system solution

Published in the August 2009 Issue Published online: Aug 06, 2009 Irrigation
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Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, announces the industry's first fully integrated pump station and center pivot control package to be offered by certified Zimmatic dealers.

Manufactured by Lindsay's Watertronics subsidiary, the customized pump stations and control technology allows growers to operate multiple irrigation systems from a single pump station. These control packages can be installed on both new and existing Zimmatic systems as well as on systems from other manufacturers.

"Watertronics pumping and control technology is ideally suited for the challenges of the agricultural market," says Randy Wood, Lindsay vice president of sales and marketing. "Combined with Lindsay's advanced pivot controls, growers now have full control of the irrigation water on their land, and all from one source-their local Zimmatic dealer."

According to Wood, integrating the irrigation water source and the water distribution system provides growers with substantial energy savings through more accurate water pump sequencing, dynamic pressure control and variable frequency drive (VFD) technology. Labor savings are realized from integrated pump and pivot controls, allowing the operator total monitoring and control.

Working with specialists from Lindsay, Watertronics and his local Zimmatic dealer, Othello, Wash., grower AJ Ochoa recently converted nearly 1,000 acres of flood-irrigated land to land irrigated by center pivots, all controlled from a single location by a Watertronics agricultural pump station. Three 100-hp pumps are used to supply water to eight pivots, including a pivot located more than a mile away from the pump station.

"The Watertronics control station and pumps are extremely efficient," Ochoa says. "I can pump 220 gallons of water per minute or up to 6,600 gallons per minute off of the same system. The system slows down or speeds up automatically to match the demand, which results in savings of energy, water and labor."

The pump stations are truly "plug and play" because they are custom pre-engineered, assembled and tested at the factory. The dynamic testing process of new pump stations includes running the pump under site-specific conditions and providing performance reporting to the grower and service partner.

Contact your local Lindsay Zimmatic dealer or visit www.zimmatic.com.