One of a Kind

Eco1st enhances water resources

Published in the June 2009 Issue Published online: Jun 05, 2009 Irrigation, New Products
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In a day of increased awareness of wisely using Earth's resources, Eco1st Technology Group is doing just that in regards to one of the most valuable resources the Earth has-water.

Eco1st is enhancing Earth's resources with the one-of-a-kind In-Line Processor technology, which caters to a wide variety of applications that enables customers to save money and increase profitability.

The In-Line Processor Technology is an in-line electrochemical process that alters the charge properties of water. In-line Processors are designed to effectively strip electrons from flowing water without the use of chemicals, electricity or operator's physical adjustments. It merely sits in place, in-line with your water source, cleanly operating for years. This process causes water to lose its ability to bond itself to other foreign matter.

Eco1st's processed water flows more easily through permeable and semi-permeable materials, including filters, any type of soil, plants and trees-often described as being "wetter."

Most applications require molecular bond breaking and separation of materials that will flow through the Processor which can be any combination of gases, liquids, semi-solid slurries etc. All materials will then separate according to their various specific gravities. When the In-Line Processor is used as pretreatment, processed materials are separated or segregated with greater effectiveness and efficiency through common equipment such as filter systems, settling ponds or tanks, percolation or any permeable or semi-permeable material.

The Processor creates these beneficial effects by stripping electrons from all materials that flow through it. Electrons are then routed to a specially designed grounding rod to flow these electrons into the earth. This process is all done without the use of an outside power source, chemicals, consumable materials or operator adjustment.

All In-Line Processor systems are designed to perform in a specific application and meet the specific flow-rate requirements and needs of that customer.

Naturally, plants require water as a necessary ingredient to grow healthy and strong. Plants draw water up through their roots and up to their leaves where it evaporates to the atmosphere. This is called the evapo-transpiration process.

The easier this process is for a plant, the less stress there is on it. The plant grows healthier and faster as a result. All fruit bearing plants exhibit greater production when water flows more easily through them. Healthy plants are also more resistant to insects and insects are less interested in healthy plants. These pests are seen in greater numbers and more frequently on stressed, dying or rotting plants.

Water that has flowed through the patented In-Line Processor flows more easily through the soil and up into the plant's leaves. Micronutrients in the soil can present themselves as a restriction to this flow under normal circumstances. Processed water, however, easily flows around them and breaks them down into smaller micronutrients which are then transported through the root membrane and up into the plant.