Published online: Jul 11, 2008 Idaho Potato Commission
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EAGLE, Idaho, June 30, 2008 - When it comes to pushing potatoes, the Idaho Potato Commission won't be accused of reinventing the wheel -- only delicious dishes.

Industry peers at Plate magazine and the National Agri-Marketing Association recognized the IPC's creative spin on selling spuds by awarding its "Project Reinvent" ad campaign with awards for advertising excellence.

Launched in September 2007, the IPC's "Project Reinvent" foodservice ad series challenged six great American chefs to push the envelope with potatoes.

Each chef revamped the classic Idaho Potato in appetizing, visually appealing recipe ads aimed at inspiring culinary professionals to take a second look at spuds.

"We wanted to spark the imaginations of culinary professionals, and we certainly did accomplish that with 'Project Reinvent,'" said IPC Vice President of Foodservice Don Odiorne. "From small plates to sides, the participating chefs created mouth-watering recipes that showcase the endless possibilities of cooking with Idaho Potatoes."