November 2013


Volume 41 Issue 9



8 Calendar

10 Around the Vine

14 New Products

54 Final Pass



18 Family Fun in Vegas

What goes on there doesn't have to stay there


22 Senninger Celebrates 50

Florida-based manufacturer marks half-century of excellence


Diggin' In

26 "Inside the USPB Long Range Plan!"

The Seasons of Linda


30 Sample the Soil

Managing nematode populations


35 Evergreen in the Columbia Basin

The leading potato equipment dealer in Washington


38 Zebra Chip, Phosphorus, PVY"O"

Potato Association of America meeting highlights


44 2012 Researcher of the Year: Rob Davidson

CSU professor awarded honor at PAA meeting


45 Special Seed Section



6 From the Field

50 Idaho Potato Commission

51 University of Idaho

52 United Potato Growers of America

53 United States Potato Board