BioCeresWP Biological Mycoinsecticide

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BioCeres WP is used for the biological control of numerous pests including whiteflies, aphids and thrips by adhering to and penetrating the insect’s exoskeleton.

Smoke May Be Factor in Eastern Idaho Harvest

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Early in potato harvest, area farmers are concerned heavy wildfire smoke throughout much of the growing season likely hindered crop development, especially in eastern Idaho north of Blackfoot.

Variable Results in Idaho Harvest


While little more than a half-inch of rain fell across the eastern part of the state since the first of July, growers did not lack for water due to a plentiful snowpack this past winter.

Researchers Look for P. Infestans' Weak Spots

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The cause of potato late blight is a very sneaky and stubborn micro-organism. But thanks to a new approach, scientists are getting a steadily clearer picture of its weak points. Here’s the current score in the arms race between pathogen and potato.

First Mop Top Virus Found in New Zealand


Potato mop-top virus has been discovered in New Zealand for the first time on two farms in Canterbury on the country's South Island.

Retired Grower Reflects on Lifetime’s Harvest


As potato harvest gets into full swing in Aroostook County, Maine, 85-year-old Bernard Webb of Fort Fairfield is not digging up any potatoes for the first time in his long farming career.

Spanish Versions of Windrower and Harvester Training Videos

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The University if Idaho has released Spanish versions of the windrower and harvester training videos they released last month in English to help with bruise management.

Idaho’s 2017 Fresh Prices Raise National Average


The USDA released its annual summary of the previous season on Sept. 13. Overall production was 442 million hundredweight, compared to 441 million hundredweight in the 2016-17 season.

Farm Bureau Rolls Out Ag Career Resources


Three new books, two new videos, one important topic: careers in ag

'What Are You Eating?' Campaign Ramps Up


Potatoes USA is ready to ignite its new performance strategy and campaign with several opportunities for industry members to get involved and extend these efforts.

Farm Bureau Details Trade, Tariff Impacts on Ag


For the growth and renewed prosperity of agriculture, current trading relationships must be preserved and new opportunities for agricultural trade must be secured, AFBF said in a recent statement to the U.S. Senate agriculture committee.

IPC Rolls Out New TV Ads


Both ads continue the theme of the TV campaigns of the last several years that play off of the highly successful ongoing national tours of The Big Idaho Potato Truck.

The Profit Problem of American Agriculture


What we have learned with the perspective of time

AGCO Launches AGCO Agriculture Foundation


The new philanthropic focus demonstrates AGCO’s commitment to specific Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations that seek to end hunger and provide basic necessities to a growing world population.

Vive Recognized as Top 10 Promising Canadian Tech Firms


Vive Crop Protection has been selected by The Lazaridis Institute to participate in The Lazaridis Scale-Up Program.

Making Fertigation Work for Your Farm

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This technology provides the opportunity to apply precise rates of water and fertilizers to the crop, and therefore, if designed correctly, can be an important precision agriculture tool.