BioCeresWP Biological Mycoinsecticide

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BioCeres WP is used for the biological control of numerous pests including whiteflies, aphids and thrips by adhering to and penetrating the insect’s exoskeleton.

IPM a Powerful Tool for Potato Growers

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Growers who practice integrated pest management (IPM) can positively impact their crop production and their bottom lines.

Timing the Last Irrigation Application

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Maximizing profit and returns on resources invested can be dependent on the last irrigation application.

Keenan Joins Potatoes USA


Potatoes USA welcomes its newest team member, Kendra Keenan, as an assistant marketing manager.

Climate-Resistant Potatoes Researched in Europe


Research at the James Hutton Institute has led to the discovery of genetic variations which can help protect potato crop yields at high temperature.

Researcher Joseph Sieczka Dies at 79


Joseph Sieczka, professor emeritus of horticulture, an expert on potatoes, died July 29 at his home in Mattituck, N.Y. He was 79.

Late Blight Confirmed in Wisconsin, Illinois


The US-23 genotype of Phytophthora infestans (the causal agent of late blight) was detected on commercial potatoes in Adams and Marquette Counties in Wisconsin and in Illinois.

Vive Announces Five New Products for 2019

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New nanotechnology-enabled products provide proven insect or disease control

Krull Joins Nufarm Portfolio Solutions Team

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Nufarm announces the hiring of Mike Krull as North America lead for portfolio solutions.

Late Blight Confirmed in Washington State


Late blight was found and confirmed north of Pasco, Wash., in the first week of July. The infected field was treated with a fungicide 12 days prior to the report.

Campaign Highlights Potatoes' Performance-Boosting Benefits


The potato industry is making a strong statement about potatoes to demonstrate the performance-boosting benefits of America’s favorite vegetable.

Wisconsin Potato Outlook Rebounds After Rough Start


With cool and wet weather in April and May, unseasonably hot weather around Memorial Day and dry weather in July, Mother Nature has given Wisconsin potato growers a challenging season.

Dome Named Potatoes USA Global Marketing Manager


Potatoes USA announces that Kayla Dome has joined its staff as global marketing manager for the organization’s retail sector.

Playing by New Rules


Updated hours of service regulations and what they mean for growers and shippers

Simplot Gets License for Gene Editing Tools


Potential benefits include higher yields, improved environmental impact and reduced food waste