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October 09, 2015

IPC Wins Marketing Award

What happens when a potato sells itself so well that the poor produce supervisor is left overwhelmed by his or her good fortune?
October 08, 2015
Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska

Farm Coming to JFK Airport

In an effort to beautify John F. Kennedy Airport in New York and to educate travelers about farming, JetBlue Airways is opening its own farm, just outside Terminal 5.
October 08, 2015
Potato Storage

BioSafe to Raffle Apple Watch

BioSafe Systems announces its return to PMA Fresh Summit 2015 in Atlanta. This year, BioSafe is giving away an Apple Watch to one lucky winner.
October 07, 2015
Potato Harvesting
Rose Rementer

Red River Valley Harvest at Standstill

Lack of rain in the Red River Valley is making it hard to harvest potatoes without damaging the crop.
October 07, 2015
Fungicide, Potato Harvesting

No Late Blight on P.E.I.

Agriculture officials say, as of Oct. 1, there are still no lab-confirmed cases of late blight in P.E.I. potatoes.
October 06, 2015
Potato Harvesting

Idahoans Celebrate Harvest with Big Potato

Local families showed up at the McDonald’s in Blackfoot, Idaho, on Sunday to see the Idaho Potato Commission’s giant spud.
October 05, 2015

USPB Gets Creative in Japan

Japan is where it all began. That is, the export of U.S. fries based on the expansion of U.S. quick-service restaurants overseas.
October 05, 2015
Potato Harvesting
J.H. Moncrieff

Manitoba Family Makes It Work

“Potatoes are totally different to grow than other crops," says Paul McDonald of WJ Siemens Farming in Winkler, Manitoba. "When you’re in it, you’re in it.”
October 01, 2015

Hoff Named IPC Commissioner

The Idaho Potato Commission announced the recent appointment of James Hoff of Idaho Falls as a new commissioner.
September 30, 2015
Potato Harvesting

Bloggers Come to Idaho for Harvest

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