BioCeresWP Biological Mycoinsecticide

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BioCeres WP is used for the biological control of numerous pests including whiteflies, aphids and thrips by adhering to and penetrating the insect’s exoskeleton.

The Little Potato Company Revamps Packaging


Driven by consumer feedback, the brand's Microwave Ready and Oven|Grill Ready kits have gotten a fresh look, more functional packaging and two new flavors.

P.E.I. Potato Board Seed Farm Provides New Varieties

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The farm at Fox Island grew just over 40 acres of seed potatoes this year.

T-L Offers Harvest Special

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For a limited time, T-L Irrigation is offering a harvest special discount of $4 per foot or $5,200 on a quarter-mile long system.

No-Till Farming History Book Released

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Frank Lessiter, who has reported on no-till since 1972, has written 'From Maverick to Mainstream: A History of No-Till Farming,' an all-new book including over 416 pages, 650 photos and another 125 visuals.

New Members Appointed to Idaho Commission


Idaho Gov. Butch Otter appointed Brett Jensen and Todd Cornelison to the Idaho Potato Commission.

Irrigating Multiple Crops with Center Pivots

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Thanks to center pivot irrigation, these Brazilian farmers have been able to greatly diversify their operation.

'Potato Plastic' Could Reduce Waste


A Swedish student believes he has found a solution to pollution with “Potato Plastic,” an environmentally friendly, biodegradable alternative to the use of disposable plastic in the fast food industry.

Penetrating Soil’s Surface with Radar


Ground-penetrating radar isn’t something from the latest sci-fi movie. It’s actually a tool used by soil scientists to measure the amount of moisture in soil quickly and easily.

New Product: Utrasol®ution K Liquid Potassium Nitrate

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Ultrasol K is composed of 100 percent macronutrients that are readily available for plant uptake, making it more efficient than other liquid fertilizers and an ideal source of nitrogen and potassium.

New Product: 2Fuels Dual Fuel Engines

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The 2Fuels dual fuel system technology allows producers to bring diesel engines into compliance with ever-increasing emissions standards without purchasing new equipment.

Weather Threatens Potatoes in Red River Valley


With low temperatures from last week expected to linger into this week, harvest is not looking good for potato farmers, experts say. About 20 percent of the fresh crop still is in the ground in the Red River Valley.

New Product: Tong Fieldloader PRO

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The Fieldloader PRO has been designed with even greater flexibility, transportability and the gentlest handling in mind.

Precision Ag a Focus of Innovation Execs


The race is on for technologies that can lower initial costs and prove strong return on investment for the future of food, health, and wellness, with opportunities including precision agriculture, the microbiome, and alternative proteins.

Questions Still Abound in U.S.-Canada Trade


Fresh potato growers are asking negotiators to address "ministerial exemptions" that forbid Canadian provinces from buying U.S. potatoes until they consume all their own.