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Is Irrigation Water Actually Reaching the Roots?


Before planning your next irrigation pass, take soil texture, soil structure and infiltration rate into consideration.

Evaluating the Design of Your Pivot Package


As we progress through harvest, many of us are also evaluating the performance of the sprinkler packages on our center pivot irrigation systems.

First Female Grower Named to Idaho Commission


The Idaho Potato Commission announced Mary Hasenoehrl of Gross Farms as the first female to represent potato growers on the commission.

Study Identifies ZC-Tolerant Potatoes


California and Mexico researchers have identified four lines that expressed resistance to zebra chip bacteria.

Government Backs Cavendish Plant in Alberta


Federal, provincial governments pledge over $22 million toward related costs in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Promising Varieties Head to Trials, Buyers


Breeders consider end use, shape, color and disease resistance

Management Practices for Corky Ringspot


The Plant Management Network has released a presentation on management practices for corky ringspot.

Research Looks at Potato Production’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Discovering a way to reduce nitrous oxide emissions could improve sustainability and market access.

Potatoes, Apples Look to Break Commodity Mold


Everyone intuitively knows it’s healthy to eat apples and potatoes, and both are poised for healthy seasons.

2016 Numbers Average for Wisconsin Potatoes


Recently released official statistics show Wisconsin potato production totaled 27.8 million hundredweight during the 2016 growing season.

Research: Straw Mulch Increases Yield, Suppresses Weeds


Application of straw mulch at emergence consistently increased total and marketable A-size yields for late-season cultivars.

U.S. Russet Volume Appears Down


Suspicions across the country are that the russet potato supply is down somewhat.

BioSafe Offers Thermal Fogging Solutions for Storage

New Products

BioSafe Systems offers thermal fogging applications with StorOx 2.0 or SaniDate 5.0 that will control pathogens in storage and help heal wounds from harvest.

Japan Resumes Idaho Potato Imports


The Japanese government on Tuesday lifted an import ban on potatoes grown in Idaho.

Compass Adds Agricultural Expertise to Team


Industry veterans Sean Knapp, Ron Restum and Cole Hansen join Compass Minerals’ plant nutrition division

Demand for Specialty Potatoes May Lead to Bushmans’ Expansion


For Bushmans’ Inc., and other Wisconsin growers, the potato crop this fall is looking very good.