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Deeper Look

Articles, Irrigation

Technology helps improve production, maximize profit potential

Feeling the Pressure

Articles, Irrigation

Connecting pressure, flow and overall efficiency

Put That in Your Pipe

Articles, Irrigation

Why are your pipelines rusting, when your neighbors’ aren’t?

Always Selling High


Idaho potatoes are a proven premium brand

Simple & Effective

Articles, Irrigation

Getting started with chemigation

Thinking Inside the Box

Articles, Potato Storage

Maximizing potato storage success through box storage

A Prescription for Managing Weed Resistance

Articles, Herbicide

Growers need a multifaceted approach to prevent and manage the costly challenges posed by weeds.

Tong Launches New Fieldloader Options

Articles, New Products

Tong Engineering introduces new design options on its popular Fieldloader, including unique automatic transport mode features.

IPC Adds Promotion Director


The Idaho Potato Commission recently hired Matt Brigotti as its foodservice promotions director for the Northeast and Midwest.

Ag World Golf Classic Aids Ailing Families


The 4th Annual Ag World Golf Classic raised over $73,000 to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Inland Northwest.

Researchers Engineer Heat Tolerance in Potatoes


Scientists have developed a technique to engineer heat tolerance in potato crops, potentially providing potato breeders with a valuable tool.

VRI Helps Growers Increase Efficiency, Yields

Articles, Irrigation, New Products

Precise water application, water savings and, of course, increased yields are just a few of the advantages offered by Valley Variable Rate Irrigation.

Controlling Colorado Potato Beetles


The Colorado potato beetle can cause significant losses in potato crops.

Managing White Mold

Articles, New Products

Prevalent in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, white mold develops in areas with dense canopy growth and moist conditions.

Making the Switch from Surface Irrigation

Articles, Irrigation

There are a lot of factors to consider when converting to a different form of irrigation. What type of irrigation should you switch to? What changes will need to be made to your management? How do you make this transition as easy as possible?