January 2013



24 Seed Grower of the Year:

Curtis Stoddard of GraceIdaho


28 Increasing Load Capacity

Custom side-mount tanks from Agri-Products


Diggin' In

32 Inside the USPB Long Range Plan!

Potatoes and the New American Menu


38 How to Find the Best Fertilizer

Researchers seek the best program


40 An Unbiased Estimate

Potato Cost of Production Project


42 Soil Sampling

The right time to test


44 2012 Certified Seed Updates

Reports from potato-producing states


52 Drought Question

It depends on this winter


54 Sulfate of Potash

Minimizing storage loss


58 More on Self-Diagnosis

Using test kits in storage or the field


62 Optimizing Production with Sulfur

Fine-tuning potato nutrient management

64 ASABE Announces AE50 Awards
Winners include CASE IH, New Holland, John Deere, and more

68 An Historic Achievement
USDA purchases dehy for global program

72 The Seasons of Linda
Now is the time to "Nurture Me"

75 Buyer's Guide-Tractors


89 Special Seed Section



12 Calendar

16 Around the Vine

20 New Products

102 Final Pass



10 From the Field

98 Idaho Potato Commission

99 University of Idaho

100 United Potato Growers of America

101 United States Potato Board