Idaho on Track for "Right-Size" Crop

Published online: Oct 01, 2013 David Sparks, Ph.D.
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David Sparks of asked IPC president Frank Muir how this year's harvest is shaping up in Idaho:

I had a very nice chat with Frank Muir, executive director of the Idaho Potato Commission and asked about this year's crop. "Idaho is going to harvest approximately 315,000 acres of potatoes, that is down approximately 25,000 acres from last year, we are a little over 5% of the harvest in, so far the quality looks very good, mother nature gave us a few challenges with some extended heat, some drought and threw in some hailstorms just for extra measure. Through all that, the quality of the crop looks very good, size profile so far is in about the range that we would expect, overall yield may be down a little bit from last year but will be within the five-year average." So is Frank Muir a happy camper? "We are very happy. We have a right size crop."

Click here to listen to part of Sparks's interview with Muir.