BioCeresWP Biological Mycoinsecticide

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BioCeres WP is used for the biological control of numerous pests including whiteflies, aphids and thrips by adhering to and penetrating the insect’s exoskeleton.

Reducing Acrylamides in Heat-processed Foods


New farming and processing techniques are being investigated to produce lower levels of acrylamide, including lowering cooking temperatures, using enzymes that reduce acrylamide formation and obtaining raw materials with lower reducing sugar levels.

What Happens in Ag Economy Doesn't Stay in Ag Economy


Agriculture makes up $16 billion or 20 percent of the sales in Idaho, and accounts for 14 percent of Idaho jobs.

Biostimulants Gaining Ground


Consumers have stepped up their demand for food produced more sustainably, with fewer “hard” chemicals and more compounds from nature. Biostimulants are helping increasing numbers of growers answer that call.

Spudnik Helps Improve Farms Around the Country

Potato Equipment

See how the operations of Sterman Masser out of Sacramento, Pa.; Tasteful Selections in Bakersfield, Calif.; and Mehlenbacher Farms in Wayland, N.Y., have developed and changed with help from Spudnik and Grimme.

Calcium's Role in Tuber Health

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Cell membrane health is crucial to the survival and health of plant cells. The health of the cell membranes can only be maintained in the presence of sufficient calcium around the membranes

Growers Keep an Eye on U.S.-China Trade Talk


Officials at the Maine Potato Board are watching events in Washington, D.C., to see how a trade dispute between the United States and China might impact the industry.

Unique Marketing Effort Sees Success


The concept of produce growers banding together for marketing purposes but keeping their own identity is relatively unique, but it is working quite well for eight potato grower-shippers.

Low-carb Potatoes on the Rise


Potatoes contain many good nutrients, but they have gained a somewhat negative image because they’re a source of starch. A potato with fewer carbs should be a solution to many marketing problems.

Taking a Shot at Residual Weed Control


Weed control can make or break the growing season. Even before you reach planting, weeds can gain a foothold before your crop has time to get established.

Best Management Practices to Minimize PVY Spread


Mathuresh Singh and his research team in New Brunswick have just released a factsheet based on potato virus Y research that just concluded in March.

Study Aims to Help Growers Apply Fertilizers, Pesticides More Efficiently


The project is one part of an initiative involving the P.E.I. Potato Board, Cavendish Farms, growers, Agriculture Canada and the province focused on improving yields, profitability and sustainability.

Glass Appointed to Develop Agro-K Business in South


Agro-K Corporation announces the addition of Jeff Glass as its southern business development manager. Glass will be based in Tallahassee, Fla.