BioCeresWP Biological Mycoinsecticide

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BioCeres WP is used for the biological control of numerous pests including whiteflies, aphids and thrips by adhering to and penetrating the insect’s exoskeleton.

New Product: PVY Rapid Test

New Products

The Pocket Diagnostic potato virus Y rapid test is a quick in-field test designed to detect PVY in a wide range of plant material, including woody tissues, leaves, roots and soft material.

Study Reveals Concerns about Ag Industry’s Future


Are we preparing the next generation for tomorrow’s global challenges? New study suggests we have work to do.

FieldNET Connects with John Deere Operations Center

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Lindsay recently announced a new data connection between its FieldNET pivot telemetry tool and the John Deere Operations Center, giving growers increased access to farm irrigation data.

Product: Tong Caretaker Upgrade

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Since Tong Engineering launched the option of integrated optical sorting in its Caretaker grading machine in 2016, the inclusion of advanced optical sorting on dirty grading systems has proven to be a welcome addition.

National Food Policy Conference


In Washington, D.C.

Hirai Elected Chair of Northwest FCS Board


Northwest Farm Credit Services’ board of directors recently elected Greg Hirai of Wendell, Idaho, to serve as chair. Nate Riggers of Nezperce, Idaho, was elected vice chair.

Chinese Snack Company Sees Positive Results with Tomra Equipment

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Chinese snack company Kaida has seen great success using Tomra Sorting Food equipment to sort and peel potatoes.

T-L Pivots Provide Reliability, Efficiency

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Oregon grower Hank Cheyne keeps vigilant watch over his sprinklers, including four T-L pivots with corner machines, one T-L linear system and five electric pivots.

NYFC Supports Bill to Address Mental Health


National Young Farmers Coalition urges Congress to fund stress assistance in the upcoming farm bill

Protect Your Potato Yields From Start to Finish

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Where you start can make a big difference in how you finish. One such example is growing potatoes. Setting a strong foundation at the beginning of the season is a key element in finishing strong with high-quality yields.

A 'Blood Test' for Potatoes


Identifying how much nitrogen is in a plant could answer the “How much do I need?” question.

Root and Stolon Protection with In-furrow Application

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Fungicides applied directly to the seed protect against seed-borne disease, but are limited in their ability to protect the plant from soil-borne pathogens.