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Harvest Equipment Buyers' Guide

New Products, Potato Equipment, Potato Harvesting

Harvest is the most exciting—and busiest—time of the year. When the time comes, you’ll want to be sure to be prepared with quality, reliable equipment that will take care of fruits of your labors.

The Evolution of Corner Irrigation

Irrigation, New Products

As growers adopted the use of center pivot irrigation, they looked for ways to irrigate the corner area not covered by the pivot.

New Product: Max Systems NanoRevolution 3.0

Herbicide, New Products

When Regulator 3.0 concentrate and NanoRevolution 3.0 are combined in a spray tank solution, they deliver weed-killing performance greater than the sum of its parts.

Losing Ground

Articles, Insecticide

Neonicotinoids’ declining efficacy vs. psyllids

Ensuring ROI from Drones

New Products

With so many precision ag and UAV options available, how can growers determine which solution is the best fit for them?

Documentary on Washington’s Potato History to Air

Articles, Event Calendar

A recently released documentary will highlight how potatoes came to be one of Washington’s most important crops .

Trimble to Acquire Müller-Elektronik


Trimble has signed an agreement to acquire privately-held Müller-Elektronik, a German company specializing in implement control and precision farming solutions.

Survey: Palmer Amaranth ‘Most Troublesome’ Weed


No. 1 with a bullet, the weed gets named ‘most troublesome’ in new survey from the Weed Science Society of America.

Wisconsin Growers Work to Feed Starving Children

Event Calendar

Mobile packing event set for June 17 in Stevens Point

The Cuba Effect


A new era of U.S.-Cuba relations presents opportunities and challenges for U.S. agriculture.

Tough Stuff

Articles, Potato Equipment

Switching to cast polyurethane parts for high-impact, high-wear applications

Tender, Loving Care

Potato Storage, Seed Potatoes

Bruise prevention begins before planting.

The Diversifier

Grower of the Month

Grower Tyler Young of Little Compton, R.I., always wanted to be a farmer. His path to that goal wasn’t as straight and clear as he might have liked. He made it happen anyway.

Walmart to Begin Testing Skinny Potatoes


The idea behind the Skinny Potato is a response to the fact that consumers are trying to cut carbs. The 100-calorie product offers smaller portions, with 4- to 6-ounce potatoes.

Robots Help Bring More Data to Agriculture


Many agricultural robotic companies are graduating into the market and in the process are transforming the value chain of agriculture.