2016 Numbers Average for Wisconsin Potatoes

Published online: Sep 18, 2017 Articles
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Recently released official statistics show Wisconsin potato production totaled 27.8 million hundredweight during the 2016 growing season, virtually unchanged from 2015.

According to the latest USDA figures, the state’s potato growers planted 65,000 acres in 2016, up 2,000 acres from the previous season. Harvested acres were reported at 64,000, up 1,500 acres from the year prior. But average yield fell from 445 hundredweight per acre to 435.

Meanwhile, the price per hundredweight averaged $11.60 last year, which was about $1.90 higher than in 2015. The total value of production for the Wisconsin potato crop was also up, at $322 million.


Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection