DDS 300 Back Brace

Published in the April 2014 Issue Published online: Apr 14, 2014 New Products
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The World’s Best Back Brace, the DDS 300 Spinal-Air Decompression brace, uses patented Vertical Air Pressure (VAP) technology to decompress the lower spine which allows bulging or herniated discs to return to their natural habitats within the intervertebral disc space where they can reassume their normal shape as they rehydrate and begin to heal. It provides real, lasting, all-natural relief from the cause of lower back sciatica pain.

Over time or due to injury, our discs, which act as our spine’s shock absorbers, can become compromised. Due to prolonged effects of gravity or blunt trauma force, the jelly-like nucleus of the disc can push against the disc wall, causing it to bulge or even burst, resulting in a disc herniation. Both a bulge and herniation mean the disc material has been pushed out of its natural space and into surrounding territory where sensitive connective tissue and nerves reside. When a nerve gets irritated or pinched, the resulting pain can be excruciating.

Fortunately there is a proven, all natural solution to reversing this process called decompression. As the word suggests, decompression is the act of decompressing the spine and is accomplished by wearing the DDS 300 decompression brace which, when adorned, is inflated via hand air pump. As it inflates the brace expands from 4 to 7 inches in height as the vertical air chambers fill with air. The result is a gentle yet powerful stretching of the lower spine. The brace sits on the hips as its foundation, pushing downward, and anchors up under the lower rib cage, gently pushing upward.

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