Buyer's Guide: Fertilizer & Growth Promotors

Published in the March 2014 Issue Published online: Mar 16, 2014
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To get a good-looking, high-yielding potato crop, growers depend on fertilizers and growth promotors to get the essential nutrients and minerals to their crop. These products are among the newest and best in the business at achieving those very goals.


Actagro Organic Acids

Actagro is a premier developer, manufacturer and marketer of environmentally sustainable soil and plant health technology. Actagro Organic Acids are complexed in a proprietary process that results in a four-part system including humic acid, fulvic acid, humin substances and proprietary carbohydrate packages. This four-part system is what makes Actagro products a superior product.

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Great Salt Lake Minerals

Sulfate of Potash

Of all of the sources of potassium and sulfur to choose from, many leading potato researchers recommend Sulfate of Potash, also known as SOP (K2SO4) from Great Salt Lake Minerals Corporation as the most effective potassium/sulfur combination available. Sulfate of Potash is the richest source of low-chloride potassium, providing equivalent potassium content of 50 percent K2O, commonly referred to as potash. It’s a completely natural source of potassium.

Potatoes can take approximately 515 pounds per acre of potassium from the soil, and approximately 34 pounds per acre of sulfur, in addition to other nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.

Potassium availability influences the tuber size and yield, as well as other tuber quality factors such as specific gravity, blackspot bruise susceptibility, chip and fry color and storage quality. Potassium deficiencies decrease photosynthesis, reducing dry matter and starch formation. Sulfate of potash solves these problems for growers.

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Agrium Advanced Technologies

ESN Smart Nitrogen

ESN Smart Nitrogen, manufactured by Agrium Advanced Technologies, is a controlled-release fertilizer consisting of a quality urea granule within a proprietary polyurethane coating. The polymer coating allows water into the granule, dissolving the nitrogen within. The nitrogen release from the granule is driven by two factors: temperature and moisture. Increasing temperature drives the rate of nitrogen release from the granule. The higher the temperature, the greater is the release of nitrogen. The unique polymer coating helps prevent against all forms of nitrogen loss, including volatilization, denitrification and leaching.

Potatoes require high nitrogen rates, and timing is critical. The crop consumes 60 percent to 80 percent of its total nitrogen needs during tuber initiation and tuber bulking. ESN technology controls the nitrogen supply until the growing plants need it most. Additionally, ESN significantly reduces nitrogen loss to the environment. Using ESN technology is a smarter way to grow.

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Yara North America, Inc.

YaraLiva Tropicote, CN 9 are fast-acting liquid nitrate nitrogen sources with water-soluble calcium. Potato fertilization with water soluble calcium reduces tuber imperfections, bruising during harvest and storage rot. Calcium even influences tuber size and number. Yield-robbing heat stress during vegetative growth is mitigated with Tropicote and CN 9 application.

YaraLiva CAN-17 is a non-hazardous liquid mixture of ammonium nitrate and calcium nitrate. CAN 17 and CN 9 provide the best fertigation sources after row closure and during tuber bulking.

YaraMila 15-15-15 is a homogenous prilled non-hazardous NPK containing ammonium nitrate and potassium sulfate. It is an excellent base dressing or side dressing for potatoes.

YaraVera Amidas is a new homogeneous fertilizer containing urea and ammonium sulfate in one granule. The nitrogen-to-sulfur ratio is 7 to 1, which is optimal for plant amino acid and protein production. It has a high crushing strength that makes it ideal for blending.

YaraVita is the brand that Yara uses to designate its full line of micronutrients and chelates. YaraVita products include liquids, suspension concentrates, soluble powders and wettable powders to match up with almost any application method.

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JH Biotech


Biomin is the product of a natural process—with the aid of advanced technologies. Chelation is a natural process. Biomin consists of bio-available organic plant nutrients, resulting from the chelation of mineral nutrients, with a blend of chelating agents that contain organic acids. The unique chelation process enables chelated nutrients to be better utilized by plants.

Biomin’s completely bio-available micronutrients maximize yield and quality, resulting in economic benefits. Certified for organic use, growers will notice better absorption and easier translocation, the fast correction of mineral nutrient deficiencies, earlier maturity of plants with better production and more resistance to diseases and severe temperatures.

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Gypsoil brand gypsum is a high quality, low-cost alternative to mined gypsum. At 20 to 24 percent calcium and 13 to 17 percent sulfate sulfur, Gypsoil supplies potatoes with much-needed nutrients for healthy, green foliage and better crop yield and quality. Calcium deficiencies contribute to poor tuber storage potential and the increased incidence of rust and brown spots. Gypsoil is an ideal option for calcium and sulfur fertility. It is free of impurities and widely available.

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Crystal Green

Crystal Green Plant-Activated nutrient technology provides tubers with a source of slow-release phosphorus that meets peak phosphorus demand mid-season, and remains plant-available all season long. Research shows increased premium yields, optimal internal quality, and minimized nutrient loss, for a positive return on investment.

Crystal Green is different because of its mode of action and nutrient release. Unlike other phosphorus-based fertilizers, Crystal Green’s nutrients have low-water solubility. Instead, the citrate-soluble granules respond to plant demand, releasing plant-available nutrients over time for maximum efficiency and optimized uptake, especially during tuber bulking and maturation. Crystal Green’s dust-free, low-salt index, uniformly sized granules are easy to blend and apply so Crystal Green is not only good for potatoes, it’s good for budgets too.

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Crops respond well to optimum levels of fertilization both in terms of yield and quality. In addition to soil and plant analysis, fertilizer rates are dependent on a number of factors, such as time of harvest, variety, plant population and previous crop. Soil tests, plant tissue analysis and observations of visual deficiency symptoms are important diagnostic tools when problems with micronutrients are suspected.

Starter has been formulated to mix with a Mark-Out blend. When applied in the soil it will generally aid in the uptake of nutrients for the plant. This product is an easy and feasible way to enhance a grower’s crop and increase his yield and profit margin for minimal cost.

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DDP Nutrients

Wolf Trax

Scientifically designed to provide better nutrition, better crops and better farming, Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients deliver important nutrients such as zinc and boron more effectively than traditional granular micronutrients. DDP (Dry Dispersible Powder) Nutrients can be used as a fertilizer coating, applied in a foliar application or mixed with liquid fertilizer. Featuring EvenCoat technology, DDP Nutrients coat each and every dry fertilizer prill for more consistent fertilizer blends, even distribution across the field, and early plant uptake. DDP Nutrients also feature the patented PlantActiv formulation, providing immediate availability, as well as continuous feeding over time, so plants have nutrition when it’s needed most.

The family of DDP Nutrient products includes Zinc DDP, Boron DDP, Manganese DDP, Magnesium DDP, Copper DDP, Iron DDP and Calcium DDP.

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Verdesian Life Sciences

Take Off

Patented Take Off from Verdesian is the only nitrogen management technology that works inside the plant. Take Off is a nutritional catalyst designed to accelerate carbon fixation, improve nitrogen uptake and use efficiency, and boost photosynthesis.

The result is increased biomass, increased nitrogen assimilation and better root architecture. All this gives growers higher yield potential and greater nitrogen efficiency.

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Westbridge Agricultural Products


Soil TRIGGRR is a plant growth regulator containing a proprietary blend of seaweed, plant extracts and fermentation products. These components interact synergistically to produce effects far greater than seaweed alone. Natural plant hormones in the proper balance optimize plant growth and maintain proper root to shoot balance in the plant.

Improved root systems promote nutrient uptake and increase resistance to diseases and environmental stress. Soil TRIGGRR stimulates seedling vigor, improves specific gravity, increases uniformity and size, and boosts yield. The product optimizes set and improves color in red potatoes, and helps improve skin set on sensitive varieties. Soil TRIGGRR enhances starter fertilizer efficacy, and pre-harvest applications can help bulk up undersized tubers.

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Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers


Kalibrate is a precision-placed, soil-applied potassium fertilizer with exceptional compatibility and efficacy. It provides needed potassium when applied in strip-till, planter-time, and in side-dress applications. Kalibrate is also effective when broadcast or injected through fertigation; making it an excellent potassium source for all soil-based cropping systems.

Superior performance and application flexibility are achieved through advanced manufacturing processes that utilize nutrient synergy and proprietary AgroLiquid chelating technology. In most soil environment,s Kalibrate eliminates the need for additional potash applications.

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Maz-Zee S.A. International

Penatron Soil Conditioner

For the past 20 years, Penatron—with 30 synergistic components—has proven itself to increase yield and quality.  It has root growth stimulators, desert plant wetting agents, hormones for stress and disease resistance, soil structure builders and other beneficial components.         

Penatron reduces hot, dry, cold and wet weather stress. It stimulates root growth with auxins and hormones. Penatron increases water infiltration that reduces water usage by 10 to 15 percent, reducing pumping expense. Penatron also stimulates soil microbes to improve soil structure and water-holding capacity, meaning fewer clods and dirt are found at harvest.

Replicated tests show an average increase of 45 cwt. per acre with more No. 1s.

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Bio-Gro, Inc.

Bio-Gro, Inc. manufactures products that enhance rooting and nutrient uptake for optimum yields. Bio-Gro’s agronomic goal is to help growers achieve the largest possible yields per acre foot of soil and per acre foot of water. 

Bio-Gro manufactures fertilizer-compatible humic acids, starter fertilizers, foliar feeds and specialty products to keep vines green longer (Vine Extender) and finish bulking products (P-Finisher). The company also believes in helping growers get the most out of their fertilizer budget by better understanding crop needs and uptake timing.

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