Published online: Jul 18, 2013
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SPOKANE, Wash.-The following highlight from Northwest Farm Credit Services' Knowledge Center Market Snapshots is vailable at northwestfcs.com/resources.


Potatoes - The Northwest's open potato market rebounded in May and June, with prices rising from $2 to $5 per cwt. to $6 to $8 per cwt. Reasons for the price rally include reduced pack-outs, delayed planting of early market 2013 potatoes and acreage reductions for the 2013 potato crop. Northwest breakeven prices are estimated between $5 and $7 per cwt. Weather conditions are critical for the 2013 Northwest potato crop and market outlook. High summer temperatures coupled with limited availability of irrigation water in Idaho could stress crops and reduce 2013 potato production. Improved growing conditions could strengthen yields and increase production, resulting in decreased prices.


SOURCE: Northwest Farm Credit Services