T.G. Schmeiser Till An' Bedder

Published in the June 2013 Issue Published online: Jun 19, 2013
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T.G. Schmeiser Till An' Bedder
T.G. Schmeiser Till An' Bedder

FRESNO, Calif.-T.G. Schmeiser Co., Inc., provides the solution for perfect seed beds with its Till an' Bedder. The once-over operation that tills, mulches, cultivates and firms the soil for planting offers the ideal seedbed for potatoes and sugarbeets.

It employs a combination of a front Till an' Pak roller to break up and crush large, primary clods and multiple rows of S-Tines to bring up sub-surface clods. This eliminates costly wheel and soil compaction. A hydraulic leveling bar knocks down ridges left by the S-Tines and spreads the soil evenly. A rear Till an' Pak roller brings up any remaining clods, firms the soil and smoothes the "pocks" in the soil to reduce water evaporation and wind erosion.

Completely mobile with dual wheels and hydraulic controls, the Till an' Bedder is available in 12-30-ft. widths, with a choice of tubes and rings to fit your individual crop requirements. It is also available in 20-30-ft. fold-up units to provide expanded working widths that fold up for easy transport. This highly efficient unit is built to last for seasons of the hardest work you can give it. Its construction is tough, durable and reliable.

Visit www.tgschmeiser.com.

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