Rain Bird He-Van Nozzle

Published in the June 2013 Issue Published online: Jun 19, 2013
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Rain Bird He-Van Nozzle
Rain Bird He-Van Nozzle

TUCSON, Ariz.-In 2011, Rain Bird introduced its He-Van High-Efficiency Variable Arc Spray Nozzles to California, Texas and the southeastern United States. Because of the overwhelmingly positive reception to these nozzles-including a Best New Product Award at the 2011 Irrigation Association Show-Rain Bird has expanded the He-Van product line to include new 8- and 10-foot models in addition to the current 12- and 15-foot versions. All four models will be available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The new 8- and 10-foot He-Van models are ideal for irrigating smaller areas of the landscape, with throw radii of 6-8 feet and 8-10 feet respectively. Each of the four He-Van models are adjustable from 0 to 360 degrees, making it possible to irrigate landscapes of all shapes and sizes with just four nozzles.

Its outstanding water efficiency truly separates it from other spray nozzles. He-Van provides a level of distribution uniformity (DU) that few spray nozzles-fixed or variable arc-can match. In independent testing conducted at the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT), He-Van delivered a consistently impressive 41 percent increase in DU performance over competing variable arc spray nozzles. HE-VAN's scheduling coefficient was also stellar at less than 1.4, representing a 37 percent reduction over the competition.

Visit http://rainbird.com or call (800) RAIN BIRD.

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