Published online: Jun 21, 2013 Insecticide
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Four potato psyllids were found on one yellow sticky card placed in a potato field in Malheur County. This was the only field with psyllids out of 20 fields monitored during the week of June 12-19.


Psyllids found in Ada, Canyon, and Elmore Counties

*Results to date of sticky card captures from the ca. 90 fields being monitored with 4 yellow sticky cards can be found here:
1 potato psyllid was found in a field in Elmore County this week.


*Results to date of sampling from the 13 fields being monitored with yellow sticky cards, vacuum samples, and leaf samples can be found here:

1 potato psyllid was found in a field in Ada County and a total of 3 potato psyllids was found across two fields in Canyon County this week.


Any scouting programs underway for potato psyllids should be intensified, and IPM programs should be in place. Refer to the following site for guidance on scouting and IPM programs for potato psyllids:


More information and resources on potato psyllids and zebra chip can be found at the link below. Click on the link(s) below for more information about this pest:


To view the full alert, and to download any attached files, please go to


SOURCE: Pacific Northwest and Treasure Valley Pest Alert Network