Published online: Jun 10, 2013 Insecticide, Fungicide
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The University of Idaho, in collaboration with Miller Research and several crop consultants across the state initiated a scouting program during the week of May 13 that covers commercial potato fields throughout southern Idaho. The project is funded in part by ISDA and IPC.


Thirteen fields are being monitored with 10 yellow sticky cards, vacuum samples and leaf samples. About 90 additional fields are being monitored with 4 yellow sticky cards; scouting efforts in some fields (especially in eastern Idaho) are still being initiated. Thus far, no potato psyllids have been found in any samples from potato fields; however, this week one adult potato psyllid and numerous psyllid eggs were observed on bittersweet nightshade in Twin Falls. This is not surprising given the apparent ability of psyllids to overwinter in association with this alternative host plant. Next week we will provide access to an online spreadsheet that shows results of the potato field monitoring efforts and location of fields (by county).


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