Published online: May 07, 2013 Insecticide
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INDIANAPOLIS-Dow AgroSciences announced today that it has received federal registration of Transform WG insecticide. The distinctive new chemistry found in Transform provides outstanding and sustainable control of potato psyllid.


Transform is a fast-acting insecticide from a proprietary, new class of chemistry that controls sap-feeding insects, such as potato psyllid, aphids and leafhoppers. Sulfoxaflor, the active ingredient in Transform, is a novel chemistry that also provides potato growers with an effective new resistance management tool.


The unique chemistry of Transform WG insecticide, which is the only Group 4C insecticide in the market, offers producers a valuable rotational tool.


In addition to effective insect control, Transform offers a compilation of features that further benefit potato growers. It controls insects at a low use rate while maintaining most beneficial insects and not flaring aphids or mites. Transform WG insecticide also can be applied by air or ground and offers excellent residual control.