Smartblock Sprout Inhibitor Approved by EPA

Published in the April 2013 Issue Published online: Apr 15, 2013
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PULLMAN, Wash.-American Vanguard Corporation announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, AMVAC Chemical Corporation (AMVAC), has received registration from the EPA for SmartBlock, a novel potato sprout inhibitor. Canadian and European registrations have been filed and these approvals are progressing on schedule.

SmartBlock features a patented new class of potato sprout inhibitor technology that represents a breakthrough approach in the treatment of post-harvest potatoes. The product is a naturally occurring molecule, an FDA-approved direct food additive and is classified by the EPA as a bio-pesticide. It offers safe, comprehensive, long-term storage control and requires no capital investment by customers since it is easily applied using existing equipment. AMVAC will begin marketing SmartBlock in the United States immediately.

The technology involves the application of naturally occurring organic compounds after potatoes are harvested and at the onset of sprouting. In testing, the WSU research team found that one application inhibits sprouting from two to three months. Two to three applications can provide full-season sprout suppression. Applications leave little residue.