Many Sides of Potatoes

Campaign launches online

Published in the April 2013 Issue Published online: Apr 16, 2013 Kathleen Triou, Domestic Marketing Committee VP
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The "Many Sides of Potatoes" campaign continues to provide "Linda" with flavorful new recipe ideas in her favorite magazines. Newly launched November 2012, the campaign evolved online to show Linda that potatoes are a convenient solution the entire family will love when she is actively looking for dinner inspiration.

The online campaign visually brings the flavorful new potato recipes to life by featuring fresh and healthy ingredients like spinach, tomatoes, peppers, olive oil and fresh herbs that enhance potatoes' natural, healthy qualities. Each online advertisement breaks down one recipe into three simple steps, illustrating the quick and easy preparation of the potato side dish.

Aligning with the "Potato Seasons," the advertisements reach Linda on the top recipe websites including,, and (Better Homes & Gardens magazine site). During the "Lighten Up" season, the campaign also reaches Linda on her smartphone on the Taste of Home mobile app. The online campaign will generate 37.4 million impressions this year and drive about 200,000 recipe interactions.

During the "Plus-Up Potatoes" Season (Nov-Dec), a new online ad played off the new tapas print ad, touting the playful side of potatoes run during the same time period, when Linda was cooking to impress her family and her guests. She was entertaining for a lot of people, so ideas about how to use potatoes as appetizers were important.

Then, during the "Nurture Me Season" (Jan-Feb), the new online ads leveraged the fact the holidays were over and Linda refocused her energy back to her and her immediate family. This meant new resolutions and renewed energy (healthy cooking, exercise, etc.), but it also meant she didn't have all the obligations of the holiday season to deal with anymore so she could refocus on herself. These online ads complemented the casserole and stackers print ads, touting the savory and creative sides of potatoes.

Now, during Linda's "Spring Ahead" season (March-May), Linda and her family are ready for a new season. The energy in the household is filled with excitement and openness to change as the end of routine is in sight. Linda is noticing the produce section in her local grocery store is coming alive with vibrant colors and summer is just around the corner. The Many Sides of Potatoes campaign captures this season in print and online again with complimentary ads.

Then, we jump into the "Lighten Up" season (June-July). Linda and her family are outside as much as possible. She is letting go of routine, although the family's schedule is still busy with fun activities. Linda is cooking outside on the grill and spending quality time with her kids. The campaign highlights the colorful, zesty nature of potatoes and highlights the ease of cooking potatoes on the grill.

Lastly, during the "Back on Track" season (August-October), Linda is getting the family back into the routine as school starts up again. The days are busier, and she is looking for quick meal solutions that her entire family will love. She is also getting back into her shopping routine of making a list, and is conscious of the budget. The campaign highlights the healthy, creative nature of potatoes in both print and online executions.