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Published in the March 2013 Issue Published online: Mar 22, 2013
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Harriston Industries Cup Planter

(800) 437-8205

The Harriston Cup Planter has a perfect mixture of quality, reliability and accuracy. Its attributes begin from the ground up, with a low seed drop and independent floating shoes. The rigid row units prevent the seed from falling off the cup due to opening shoe movement. Mechanical switch or ultrasonic sensors are used to activate the positive bowl-feed system, which maintains an even seed level in the bowls. This allows for a more uniform feeding of the cups, providing for fewer skips and doubles.

These machines are available in a pole or semi-mount style. They are designed, proven and built in North America with the grower's needs in mind. They can be ordered in standard 2-8 row units or in a multitude of "bed style" configurations.

Double L 9500 Series Planter

(800) 658-5085

The 9500 series planters by Double L have seen a refreshed design for 2011. The most noticeable difference is the pull-type design. The new frame allows for trailing-style steering that is GPS-ready. Double L has led the industry with its One-Pass planter option, featuring a trailing cultivator. Aside from the obvious fuel savings of planting and cultivating simultaneously, seed piece disturbance and soil compaction are minimized.

Constantly improving their offerings, Double L has redesigned the hydraulics, valve system and electronic controls in conjunction with Bosch-Rexroth. The brand-new controller features a clean, colorful and intuitive user interface that also integrates fertilizer controls.

The 9500 series planter is still offered in a 3-point hitch design.


TIP Inc. Miedema Cup Planters

(800) 225-9727

TIP Inc., introduces the new Miedema CP 42-, 62-, 82-cup planters. The Miedema planter is designed to be very user-friendly and extremely accurate. Unique features include cup cleaning, automatic hopper lift, state-of-the-art control panel, joystick controls, rear steering and variable-rate planting spacing at the touch of a button.

GPS-ready, this planter also features a customizable screen for each user. Best of all, it counts total plant population-you can store up to 99 fields in the panel with plant population by row, acres planted and total planting time.

T.G. Schmeiser Till an' Pak

(559) 268-8128

The T.G. Schmeiser Till an' Bedder is ideal when preparing seed beds. It tills, mulches, cultivates and firms soil for planting.

Employing a front Till an' Pak roller, multiple rows of S-Tines, leveling bar and rear Till an' Pak roller deliver a highly effective combination for superior results. Completely mobile with dual wheels and hydraulic controls, it's available in 2- and 4-bar models with 12-30-foot widths and choice of tubes and rings to fit your soil requirements. The Fold-Up 2- and 4-bar units are available from 20-30 feet.

First, the front Till an' Pak ring roller breaks up and crushes large, primary clods. Then the high-clearance, heavy-duty S-Tine harrow brings up sub-surface clods-eliminating costly wheel and soil compaction. Next the hydraulic leveling bar knocks down ridges left by S-Tines and spreads soil evenly. Finally the rear Till an' Pak ring roller breaks up remaining clods, firms the soil, smoothes, "pocks" the soil to reduce water evaporation and wind erosion, and leaves the ground ready for seed.

Soil is firm and smooth for uniform germination and comfort for multi-pass crops. Incorporate chemicals at the same time or hook up a drill behind and save on passes, time and money.

All Star Manufacturing 

(800) 972-8183

Meet the fresh, new faces of All Star Manufacturing & Design LLC. Over the last few years, All Star has been purchasing Better Built Manufacturing and working with them to build equipment. Allen Peterson is the CEO, Alex Peterson and Matt Davis the shop foremen.

If you cut russets or oblong potatoes, the 400 Series is the machine for you. If it is round or chipper potatoes, check out the 603 Series. The versatility of our 4603 Series machine can handle any job: russets, oblongs, chippers and reds.

Spudnik Planters

(208) 785-0480

Spudnik Equipment Company has been very busy over the last few years providing equipment to meet the needs of potato growers around the world. Last year several new machines were in their first year of production, and proved to be as successful as the prototype machines the previous season.

The Spudnik planter continues to prove itself as a reliable easy-to-operate machine that delivers consistent seed placement. The CCI control introduced a few years ago helps the operator fine-tune planting to achieve very accurate seed placement. With individual row monitoring, each planting element can be adjusted separately to achieve the results needed. For 2013, a new, standard, planting shoe design reduces seed piece roll, which will increase seed placement accuracy.

Maintaining consistent seed placement when planting up and down hills has been a challenge Spudnik has been working on for some time. As a result a Hill Compensation Planter that automatically adjusts the planter angle when going up or down hill, to keep the row unit vertical in all conditions, was successfully prototyped this past season and is now available in limited production.

Spudnik Equipment Company is dedicated to providing innovative ideas and technology for the industry to solve the needs of the growers and processors in helping them to be more successful and increasing operation efficiency in an ever-increasing global economy.

Lockwood Air Cup Planters

(800) 247-7335

Lockwood proudly manufactures Air Cup Planters, which are built in four-, six- or eight-row models. These Air Cup Planters are reliable, fast and No. 1 in the industry for seed placement accuracy.

Lockwood Air Cup Planters are assembled with a variety of features and options. Rocks and poorly cut seed pieces will not affect the performance of the 30-inch vacuum wheel. This allows for faster planting speeds while maintaining seed placement accuracy. Electronic seed bowl sensing maximizes the performance of the vacuum wheel. Pull-type planters are equipped with steerable axles that have GPS capabilities. The steerable axles allow the planter to maintain row spacing accuracy on side hills and uneven ground. Lockwood's Air Cup Planters come with an on-the-go wash system. The stainless steel arms allow for quick and easy cleaning, which means more time in the field and less time spent on clean up and maintenance.

Lockwood also manufactures windrowers and harvesters that will help meet each grower's needs with any crop condition.