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Published in the February 2013 Issue Published online: Feb 25, 2013
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Pierce Corner Systems

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The new Pierce CornerMaster System benefits from the latest in control environments. Using variable-frequency drives, Constant Move Technology is utilized to control the speed of the pivot and the corner span. As the machine moves through the field, the control system determines how much water is required during acceleration or deceleration and adjusts the water application accordingly, to minimize both under- and over-watering. Coordination of the variable drives is accomplished by a unique linear slide mechanism between the end tower and the corner span. This eliminates the stresses placed on the corner by the pivot.

As part of their ControlMaster Series for the Pierce CP-600 Center Pivot System, Pierce will shortly release the EvoTouch Control Panel. The EvoTouch has standard generic wi-fi protocol that is compatible with all the mainstream internet browsers. Utilizing the latest in high-resolution touch-screens, the EvoTouch boasts screen brightness almost twice that of most cell phones.

AL30 Multi Composite Aqua Burst Sprinkler

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The AL30 Multi Composite Aqua Burst Sprinkler is fast becoming the new industry standard. The AL30 out-performs and out-lasts conventional brass impacts. The AL30 features a super-strong, impact-resistant body, a black, anodized, aluminum arm with a precision channel spoon, and a brass bearing with a life-adding dirt groove. Utilizing the state-of-the-art Advanced Flow Nozzle, which is made of high-quality plastic, and color coded, the AL30 brings to the table something other products don't: a better product at a better price.

The AL30's advanced technological features create more uniform coverage, better distance, operates better at various pressures and nozzles sizes and are less money than a brass head. Like all of the 3/4-inch Aqua Burst Sprinklers, the AL30 features a five-year bearing warranty.


IACO Hose Booms

(360) 896-9440

Installing Part-Circle Rotators on Hose Booms minimizes wheel tracking issues and maximizes the effectiveness of part-circle devises as compared to mounting on straight drops. The IACO Hose Boom is the only boom recommended by Nelson for use with the Part-Circle Rotator.

Whether you are using tried-and-true water dispersal units requiring a length of hose or the latest technology in part-circle units, the Hose Boom takes it in stride. Leave a length of hose hanging or pull it up close to absorb side force and control rotational torsion.

The Hose Boom features a unique torque clip and side-force control fitting to hold the part-circle water pattern in place. With built-in dampening you have system stability and extended wear life.

Sixteen feet of 17-gauge galvanized tubing means a full 15 feet of offset. With 24 feet of hose already installed, you have a totally non-corrosive connection-no more rust flakes. New galvanized brackets with slotted holes make for easy assembly. IACO now manufactures a 10-foot Hose Boom, providing just the right amount of offset necessary when installing PC-R3000 Rotators.


Irrometer Watermark Monitor

(951) 689-1701

Lower operating costs and improve crop yields by monitoring soil conditions with the Watermark Monitor from Irrometer. The Watermark Monitor is an irrigation data-management system that automatically records soil moisture and other sensor readings. The readings can be displayed in the field, downloaded at the site and viewed graphically on a computer or viewed from a remote location miles away. Data interpretation can help improve irrigation scheduling for improved productivity and reduced waste.

The 900M Monitor is a cost-effective data logger that can monitor eight wired sensor inputs. Optional equipment allows remote connectivity using radio or cellular communication, providing worldwide access to data.

Features include eight channels, a selectable reading frequency, large data capacity and in-field display. The data graphs display on the user's computer for easy interpretation, and it reads soil moisture, temperature, switch closure event and rain sensors. The low-cost, easy-to-use, battery-powered Watermark Monitor also includes a weatherproof enclosure and software.


T-L Irrigation Precision Link

(800) 330-4264

Developed by AgSense, LLC, and T-L, the Precision Link, coupled with the Precision Point III (PPC III) Control Panel from T-L, allows full remote pivot control and monitoring capabilities.

This allows producers to manage pivots from any computer or mobile device and a simple internet connection, and save on labor and fuel by logging on to the AgSense WagNet website to monitor and control the pivot without having to travel to the field site.

Using the Precision Link with T-L's PPC III Panel provides remote control management including pivot start/stop, direction control, application rate/speed change and water pump control. Precision Point III commands can be changed from the website, including end-gun angles, auxiliary application areas and auto stop/reverse functions. Operator-monitored functions include pivot angle, water pressure, speed and direction of travel. VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation) control is also facilitated with steps programmed through the WagNet website.


Lindsay FieldNET PRO w/ GPS

The new FieldNET includes several new features and user interface enhancements for remote control of center pivot irrigation systems, lateral irrigation systems and pumps. Also new to FieldNET Mobile are apps that are compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices so growers can check their entire irrigation system from virtually anywhere.

FieldNET includes a system dashboard that provides a graphical overview map of a grower's entire irrigation operation-even across multiple farms. A new feature allows users to click or tap a status icon on the main system dashboard and access a "Quick Tray" to manage irrigation functions without ever leaving their system dashboard.

In addition to controlling pivots, laterals and pumps, FieldNET can monitor and record water usage, energy usage and tank or pond levels. Growers can also monitor web-based weather information such as temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind speed. The product is designed to work with a variety of plug-and-play sensor add-ons. FieldNET also works on non-Lindsay pivots.

Valley DropSpan

(402) 359-2201

Valley Irrigation, the leader in precision irrigation, continues to give growers more choices by introducing the new Valley DropSpan for center pivots. The DropSpan allows growers to irrigate additional acres with a center pivot by "dropping" spans upon arriving at a large obstruction in a field, allowing the center pivot to continue irrigating. Valley Irrigation is focused on engineering new products that allow growers to expand their operations.

The Valley DropSpan allows growers to put every possible acre under mechanized irrigation-acres that were never irrigated before, or were irrigated with a less-efficient method, can now be picked up with a center pivot. In addition to the DropSpan, the Bender160, Bender30 and corner machines from Valley irrigate additional acres for a low investment.


Senninger UP3 Dual Nozzle Carrier

To help increase the wetted area of a center pivot irrigation system while using the same amount of water, Senninger offers unique 125-degree goosenecks. Combined with truss rod hose slings, Senninger's single 125-degree gooseneck provides simple positioning of drops along a center pivot. The 125-degree arch directs the hose toward the truss rod. Senninger's double 125-degree gooseneck offers a simple installation of additional drops along a center pivot to two applicators. The truss rod hose slings support the flexible hose to prevent kinking, while also reducing pattern interruption from colliding streams.

By spreading the same flow over a larger area, impact of the sprinkler pattern on soil surface is reduced, also decreasing surface sealing and water run-off. This larger distribution area eases the rate at which the soil is required to absorb irrigation water. When irrigators utilize these helpful products, they can convert wide-spacing machines to closer drop spacing, reducing, or in some cases, eliminating the need to weld extra outlets.

Double M products

(208) 226-2555

Making irrigation easier and more efficient for growers is the purpose behind three innovative products available through Double M Ag and Irrigation. Located in American Falls, Idaho, Double M is always working on ways to increase productivity for growers across the country and the world.

Three irrigation products Double M has to offer for the grower include: a pivot jack, poly-lined boom back and Starr Trak.

The pivot jack is similar to a trailer jack and can replace a High Lift or Handyman jack. It is placed under the base beam of the center pivot in order to raise the pivot and change tires in the field.

The poly-lined boom back increases the durability of an existing theory by using a poly-lined tube to decrease the probability of forming rust.

The Starr Trak is a particular piece of equipment that is a flotation device for the center pivot wheels. It increases the flotation on the pivots so they do not get stuck and turn off. This decreases the probability of the pivots turning off and the crops not receiving the necessary water irrigation.



Siemens Sitrans FM MAG 8000

The Sitrans FM MAG 8000 for Irrigation combines the Siemens MAG 8000 transmitter with a specialized sensor to ensure the management of water resources for irrigation purposes, while preventing water loss and waste.

The Sitrans FM MAG 8000 for Irrigation features battery power for installation where power availability is a concern. The unit maintains a measurement accuracy rate of 0.8 percent, and as there are no moving parts, the meter is not prone to typical wear and tear, thus reducing maintenance and operational costs. The meter's IP68 enclosure offers security and durability in flood-prone areas, or even underground. Optional communication modules are also available, ensuring the MAG 8000 Irrigation is up-to-date with the latest technology.

Magnation Next Generation Water Systems

(888) 820-0363

The Agricultural Magnation Next Generation water systems are non-chemical, passive in-line irrigation devices that fit two-inch diameter pipes up to 30 inches-plus diameter pipes (and beyond), best installed at the last point of entry in your irrigation source. The system can be easily fitted to your pivot, drip, sprinkler, flood, ditch or any irrigation system you may use on your farm.

The Agricultural Magnation Next Generation water systems come in a variety of configurations based on the size of your need. As each is scientifically configured to be maximal effectiveness, the configuration patterns are unique to each size and environmental issues. The image shown is an example of a system configuration you may find in 8-inches-plus sizes.

Magnation's water systems help transform regular irrigation water into life-giving rain water without any chemicals or energy for improved water productivity. Reduce your operating budget, improve water quality, soil health and moisture retention. Increase crop vitality and yield, with farmer-proven Magnation water systems.


Crop Production Services Crop Connect

(509) 590-5418

Remotely monitor all of your pivots from your smartphone, tablet or computer with Crop Connect remote monitoring from Crop Production Services.

Regardless of pivot manufacturer, this equipment is installed easily on any pivot, and yields a quick view of pivot direction, travel and system pressure. Other features are also available such as soil moisture, weather, alarms or control elements. View data from pivots on multiple farms, regardless of location. Information is stored online, and is accessible for in-depth analysis, or for on-the-fly decision making.

Agri-Inject Fluid Injection Systems

(800) 446-5328

Potato growers across North America are using Agri-Inject fluid injection systems to increase the effectiveness of fungicide and insecticide application through irrigation water.

The Insectigator III is an effective tool in applying both systemic and contact insecticides through irrigation. Insectigator III is a sensibly priced, rugged and extremely accurate system that is easily moved from field to field-allowing growers to simply and affordably address pest threats.

All Agri-Inject systems feature the patented Mister Mist'r injection check valve, which uniformly distributes product throughout the irrigation stream while preventing backflow of water and/or chemical.

Agri-Inject is celebrating 30 years of leadership in fluid injection technology, helping growers improve profitability.



Nelson Pivot Rotator Sprinkler Technology


Nelson Irrigation Corporation celebrates 25 years of Rotator Technology-a game-changing sprinkler technology for mechanized water application packages. The simplicity of the Rotator mechanism-with only one moving part and no seals or bearing exposed directly to water pressure or water quality-has stood the test of time for unmatched reliability and longevity.

The highly-engineered, customized stream heights, droplet configurations and uniformity provide the perfect platform for precision sprinkler irrigation. Refined and improved for the highest uniformity characteristics in real-world conditions, the Nelson Pivot Rotator is the premiere center pivot water application device. The R3000 Rotator with the Brown plate was specifically designed for the precision uniformity demands for high-quality potato production under center pivots.

The Nelson R33 - _" Rotator Sprinkler Technology replaces Brass Impact Sprinklers. Nelson Irrigation Corporation's three-quarter-inch sprinkler for solid set, wheel-line and aluminum hand-move irrigation provides a superior alternative to brass impact sprinklers. Made in the U.S.A. and specifically designed as a better alternative to Nelson's flagship F33 brass impact, the R33 is field-proven and field-tested.


Weather Tec G75 Genesis Series Impact Sprinkler

(800) 835-7836

The G75 Genesis Series Impact Sprinkler has a three-quarter-inch base sprinkler with a continuous stainless steel water passage for an unobstructed flow of water, called by Weather-Tec's staff, "The Smoothest Path to Greater Irrigation Efficiency."

The consistency from head to head is identical, unlike regular brass heads, which have a roughness in the water passage and inconsistency from head to head. The G75 has a die-cast ZA8 head and die-cast brass lever for strength and consistent performance. The head can also be supplied in durable plastic with the water passage still stainless steel.

With an exclusive "Quick Change Bearing," the G75 has a unique construction that reduces theft potential. The cost savings is something consumers can check out. On top of that, the G75 is made in the USA.

Eco1st Irrigation Enhancer

(714) 662-7514

Quality water is at the heart of all agricultural operations. Without good water, crops can't get the sustenance they need and, as a result, farms produce at lower than desired levels. Past technologies for improving the quality of irrigation water have proven unsuccessful and extremely expensive. The Irrigation Enhancer is here to change all of that.

The Irrigation Enhancer by Eco1st Technology Group provides growers with the enhanced water they need to increase plant health, improve water conservation and drastically increase profits. The Irrigation Enhancer takes contaminated and/or salty irrigation water and literally transforms it into "enhanced water"-ionized water more easily absorbed by crops-thereby reducing the stress on plants and improving the overall health and yield of virtually any grower's crop.

The Irrigation Enhancer is an inline water enhancement system shown to increase crop yields by anywhere from 25 to 100 percent, as attested to by Eco1st satisfied customers. Eco1st has recently implemented an equipment rental option that makes this high-quality, result-driven technology affordable for every grower looking for that edge to increase profits. Case studies, technical information and testimonials are available online.

Reinke RPM Touchscreen Panel

(402) 721-0066

As growers look for ways to simplify the programming of their mechanized irrigation systems, Reinke has introduced the first touch-screen control panel technology to the market. The RPM Touchscreen Panel is designed to make for a faster and more intuitive process for such irrigation operations.

Implemented shortcuts provide the control panel user with immediate access for programming end-guns, phase converters, chemical pumps, well pumps and auxiliaries. User customization capabilities also allow for ease of tailoring water and chemical applications to match slope and soil conditions.

Built on a Microsoft Windows platform, the LCD panel of the RPM Touchscreen Panel is built to withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity and is sunlight readable. It is equipped with an integrated system scheduling application as well as capabilities for history logs, wet/dry ratios and weather data. The RPM Touchscreen Panel fits into the existing Reinke Precision Management (RPM) line of control panel technology and is available at Reinke dealers.


MorpH2O Water Management, LLC

(801) 317-4239

MorpH2O Water Management, LLC, is dedicated to providing cost-effective water management solutions for lawns and landscapes. Their motto is "Transforming Water Management-Worldwide."

The Aguamiser interrupts scheduled irrigation events when soil moisture is at or above a pre-determined level called an interruption point. Once the interruption point is determined, the Aguamiser will stop scheduled but unneeded irrigation events. When the irrigation timer/controller opens the 24-volt circuit to the remote valve, the Aguamiser takes a soil moisture measurement, compares it to the interruption point and cuts the common if the soil moister level is at or above the interruption point. This prevents over-irrigation without ever having to adjust the timer/controller while maintaining a beautiful turf and landscape.

Nebraska Irrigation Sime Wing pivot gun

(800) 397-1100

In 2006, Nebraska Irrigation teamed up with leading European sprinkler manufacturer Sime to introduce the Wing pivot gun to the center pivot industry. Now with years of reliable operation, Nebraska Irrigation and Sime are pleased to introduce the new Sime Wing pivot gun with all new cylinder-designed reverse mechanism, allowing for a more simple design then other brands.

The Wing pivot gun has excellent uniformity at all pressure ranges and no wrenches are needed to adjust, or change nozzle size. Contact your local pivot irrigation dealer and ask them to stock the New Sime Wing, call Nebraska Irrigation or visit their website. Nebraska Irrigation, Inc has been a leader in the Center Pivot parts industry since 1975.

Seametrics 3-inch WMP-Series Magmeter

Seametrics has expanded its WMP-Series of molded plastic magmeters to include a 3-inch size. The WMP product family now includes 1-, 2-, and 3-inch meters to meet the broad range of needs in the market. As with previous models, the 3-inch WMP is available in both battery and externally-powered versions.

Polypropylene bodies and T-316 stainless steel electrodes give this flow meter good chemical resistance and the no-moving parts technology assures freedom from mechanical breakdowns.

The simple digital display shows flow rate and accumulated total in a variety of U.S. and metric units, and a pulse output is available for pacing external devices.