ASABE Announces AE50 Awards

Winners include CASE IH, New Holland, John Deere, more

Published in the January 2013 Issue Published online: Jan 25, 2013
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ST. JOSEPH, Mich.-Resource magazine and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers have announced the winners of the 2013 AE50 awards.

The awards recognize the world's best technology innovations introduced in 2012 for the agricultural, food and biological systems industries.

The AE50 awards will be presented at a luncheon on Jan. 28, during ASABE's Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference, in Kansas City, Mo.

Now in its 26th year, the AE50 awards program has been encouraging and applauding engineering achievements since 1984.

Advanced Operator-Control System for H8000 Series Speedrower Self-Propelled Windrowers

New Holland Agriculture

This advanced operator-control system includes a multifunction handle (MFH), software that provides additional operator feedback, and an Intelliview touch-screen monitor. The control system offers more convenience and functional control, with more intuitive access to information and adjustments. The MFH provides fingertip control of all header adjustments, including draper header requirements and includes a return-to-cut control that allows a double click of a button to raise the header at the headland and a single click to return to the previous cut-height setting.

Software advancements provide feedback on fuel consumption, including a horsepower-hours/gallon calculation that allows the operator to consider engine speed and ground and header speed adjustments. All readouts are available with the Intelliview monitor option on six-cylinder models. The touch-screen display allows the operator to make adjustments directly on the screen, rather than searching and reaching for separate switches on the right-hand console.

ABS SuperSteer for New Holland T7

New Holland Agriculture

ABS SuperSteer, available on New Holland T7 Series tractors, is the first use of an anti-lock braking system on a conventional tractor. It delivers the same on-road safety features as ABS fitted to a passenger car: improved vehicle stability and controlled steering while braking. The system monitors wheel rotation and braking force to eliminate wheel lock-up, even on low-friction surfaces such as wet or icy roads. It provides straight-line braking if wheels on one side are on a different surface than the other side.

ABS SuperSteer allows steering around an obstacle when braking hard. For improved safety, an electronic latch activates at speeds greater than 7.46 mph so that either pedal operates all four brakes. The system can automate the control of the rear independent brakes to reduce the tractor's turning circle by as much as 50 percent over the standard T7 for field operations.

9307 Series Pumps with ForceField Technology


Hypro brand 9307 Series Pumps, with ForceField technology, are designed for today's rugged environment. They offer a unique isolated seal chamber that improves reliability, robustness and extends the life of the pump. The product solution pump of a crop sprayer conducts a myriad of compounded chemistries through its system. The seal chamber of this pump is designed with a passive pressure compensating system to safely protect the mechanical seal faces against all chemistries without the need for monitoring or maintenance.

Greenlink Pr55/6R Front Hitch System

Laforge Systems, Inc.

The GreenLink Pr55/6R is an integrated, bolt-on front three-point hitch with 5.5 metric ton lift capacity and unrestricted capabilities, designed specifically for John Deere 6M and 6R Series row-crop tractors. Installation time and complexity have been reduced because the individual, precision-machined side plates form parallel faces with the machined weight bracket mounting points of the tractor's front support. The well balanced complete hitch mechanism can be easily lined up.

The tapered design of the main frame, in combination with the sculpted side frames, enable an unhampered turning radius even with large front tires. The cast-iron main frame is tailored around the front end of the tractor to allow for loader compatibility and minimum overhang. This also enables incorporation of storage devices for the upper link and hitch balls, as well as options like mower hooks, extra hydraulic receptacles, a remote up-and-down switch, electric connector, ISO-bus connector, etc.

ISOLynx Precision Ag Suite

Ally Precision Industries

The ISOLynx controller is designed specifically for use with the best products available in GPS/RTK steering, CAN-based control systems, variable-rate section control, fleet management, remote monitoring and data transfer. API's Precision Ag suite is dynamic; users have the flexibility to choose the receiver and steering controls they want to use with the ISOLynx.

The ISOLynx controller also features FieldLynx telematics remote monitoring, diagnostics and fleet management, including turn-by-turn directions and wireless data transfer in real time. The operator can track utilization and machine settings remotely, knowing in real time where the machine is, how far along the job is and if the prescription plan is being followed. The ISOLynx is ISO certified, and the controller can be used as a VT.


Michelin North America Agriculture Tires

YieldBib is the first standard-size tire in the North American HHP tractor market with Very High Flexion (VF) technology. This technology allows operators to carry the same load at 40 percent less air pressure than standard-technology radial tires. Michelin YieldBib is capable of operating in the field at air pressures as low as 8 psi, reducing soil compaction and improving traction in all conditions. The unique R1W lugs and 45-degree lug angle provide better traction and less slippage and contribute to increased durability against stubble. Better traction results in reduced fuel consumption, and growers thereby reduce fuel expenditures over the life of the tire. Michelin YieldBib is also specifically designed for stubble resistance.

The anti-stubble belt in the tread area of the tire and the specially engineered tread compound contribute to the superior stubble resistance of Michelin YieldBib.

Mobile Weather

John Deere

With John Deere Mobile Weather, operators can view in-field weather conditions without the need to stop and check prevailing weather conditions. Monitoring temperature, wind speed, wind direction, Delta T and relative humidity on the go allows operators to quickly and easily understand if the weather conditions are favorable for product application.

Built-in alerts make it simple for operators to set operational parameters to identify when unfavorable weather conditions are present. Having weather information in the cab allows operators to increase product efficacy and decrease the risk of chemical drift.

Nutri-Placer 920

Case IH Agriculture

The Case IH Nutri-Placer 920 is an advanced pull-type liquid-fertilizer applicator with the smallest transport envelope in its class, reduced maintenance requirements and operational speeds up to 8.5 mph for maximum efficiency in-season. The 60-foot working-width applicator is offered with either 23- or 25-row side-dress coulter units to match 24-row planters. The outer wings can be folded over to run 17 coulter units to match 16-row planters. The hydraulic wing frame X-fold design allows for narrower transport width and a transport height of only 13.3 ft.

The five-section flex applicator toolbar frame, mounted to parallel arms for level lifting and lowering, is controlled with active hydraulic down pressure, ensuring consistent fertilizer placement across the width of the machine. All wing hinges and linkage pivot joints have self-lubricating composite bearings to eliminate the need for daily grease maintenance.

R962i Trailed Sprayer

John Deere 

The R962i is a versatile and highly productive trailed sprayer for the application of crop protection products and fertilizers. The 1,638-gallon solution tank, 131-foot suspended boom, suspended axle with steering and high-capacity application system provide the capability for long, in-field working time. These features are configured in a compact package that is highly maneuverable in the field and in transport while offering exceptional machine stability.

Integrated implement steering guidance, boom height and roll control, boom section control, headland management, tank fill calculation and application documentation systems give the operator an exceptional level of precise application control and record-keeping using a single interface. The R962i has an automated solution application system, which allows single-panel control of loading carrier and chemicals, agitation, multistep rinsing, dilution and boom circulation. Many other features make this sprayer a top choice for European producers and contractors.

Remote Display Access

John Deere

John Deere Remote Display Access allows a farm manager or a dealer, with the owner's permission, the ability to view the in-cab display and provide remote support. From an internet-connected device, such as laptop, smartphone or tablet, users with Remote Display Access can view the operator's Greenstar 3 2630 display screen. This functionality enables the Remote Display Access user to identify a problem and help the operator navigate though the steps needed to resolve the issue.

Remote Display Access improves communication and offers quicker resolution of problems to increase uptime. By managing issues remotely, users can save trips out to the field and ensure that the equipment is up and running as intended.

ResultX Database, User Interface and Control System


ResultX is a database, control, alarm and monitoring system for automated measurement stations and networks. It combines Microsoft's SQL Server database with web-based and hosted graphical user interfaces to provide access to both real-time and historical system information. ResultX allows users to display, report or graph any measurement data and can be customized to support virtually any customer requirement. The system is capable of a wide range of control functions, from simple on/off control of valves and motors to complex control schedules downloaded to monitoring stations that provide control based on time and/or monitored conditions.

The ResultX system uses a variety of communications technologies, including wired, wireless radio and cellular. It also provides a variety of remote alarm capabilities, including voice-synthesized alarm dialing, call-in voice-synthesized reports of conditions, email alerts, alarm acknowledging and text (SMS) alerts and acknowledging.

Sentry 6120 Droplet Size Monitor

TeeJet Technologies

The Sentry 6120 droplet size monitor provides real-time, in-cab display of the droplet size produced by a sprayer. Providing this critical information allows the operator to actively adjust the ground speed and pressure if needed to maintain a specific droplet size spectrum. The in-cab touch screen interface requires the operator to enter the specific spray tip being used (tip series, spray angle and capacity).

Then, using a pressure transducer mounted on the boom and a preloaded droplet size data set, the Sentry 6120 can display the tip being used, operating pressure and droplet size category (as defined by ASABE S572.1) generated while spraying. By actively maintaining the droplet size within a specified range as recommended by the pesticide label, the operator can optimize the application by ensuring proper coverage and reduced drift.

QJS Nozzle Body

TeeJet Technologies

The QJS stackable nozzle body provides a highly customizable nozzle body platform for agricultural sprayers. The modular design of the stackable nozzle body allows the number of nozzle connections and the orientations of the connections to be easily configured based on sprayer design and application demands. The choice of spring-loaded, manually, electrically or pneumatically actuated ChemSaver tip shutoffs allows further customization and flexibility.

This nozzle body system is designed to be an integral part of automatic boom section control and individual tip control systems. By allowing rapid activation and deactivation of various combinations of spray tips, droplet size and/or application volumes can be quickly and easily adjusted from the cab when used with an appropriate control system.

WatchDog Cellular Alert

Spectrum Technologies Inc.

The WatchDog Cellular Alert is a cost-effective family of portable devices that alert a grower via phone calls or text messages to a critical event, such as frost at remote locations. Models fitted with alternative sensors can signal power outages, humidity level or flood irrigation completion. The basic model is designed for occasional use. The grower places an inexpensive prepaid cell phone into the Cellular Alert, and when a frost or other event occurs, the unit presses a button on the cell phone, calling a preprogrammed number.

The Pro model includes a cell phone module, which can alert the grower by placing phone calls and sending text messages. The WatchDog Cellular Alert allows the grower to rest easy, knowing that the unit will call if there is a problem.