Valley Irrigation DropSpan

Published in the December 2012 Issue Published online: Dec 07, 2012
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DropSpanVALLEY, Neb.-Valley Irrigation continues to give growers more choices by introducing the new Valley DropSpan for center pivots. The DropSpan allows growers to irrigate additional acres with a center pivot by "dropping" spans upon arriving at a large obstruction in a field, allowing the center pivot to continue irrigating.

Valley Irrigation is focused on engineering new products that allow growers to expand their operations.

"The Valley DropSpan allows growers to get the most out of the land they already have," states John Kastl, Equipment Product Manager. "The spans can easily be dropped or re-attached by one person without the use of tools."

The Valley DropSpan allows growers to put every possible acre under mechanized irrigation-acres that were never irrigated before, or were irrigated with a less-efficient method, can now be picked up with a center pivot.