Techmark's In-floor Air Cup System

Published in the December 2012 Issue Published online: Dec 08, 2012
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TechmarkTechmark Inc., in Lansing, Mich., offers the In Floor Air Cup system. This technology features a wear-resistant concrete surface with slots created by the Air Cups in the concrete. Equipment may move over the Air Cup floor without having to move above floor air ducts.

The Air Cup is designed in such a way that the lower portion of the Air Cup, which is fitted into the under floor lateral tube, acts as the throttle for air flow. This design ensures the Air Cup itself provides the air system back pressure that exceeds the back pressure from the potato pile, ensuring uniform ventilation regardless of the potato load. High-pressure water is used to clean the Air Cups and the lateral ducts. Sloped tubes allow the excess water to drain into the plenum.

Brian Sackett of Sackett Potatoes, Inc., in Mecosta, Mich., states, "The In Floor Air Cup system is cost competitive with other in-floor options without the maintenance of wood duct covers." Techmark welcomes the opportunity to share this technology as you design and develop new storage plans.

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