NatureSeal Reducit

Published in the December 2012 Issue Published online: Dec 07, 2012
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NatureSeal ReducitWESTPORT, Conn.-NatureSeal's Reducit is a new, all-natural product comprised of FDA GRAS ingredients that prevents browning in cut potatoes for up to two days.

Reducit extends the shelf life of cut potatoes by reducing the pH, without imparting an off-taste. When you need just a few days to transport potatoes prior to processing them, Reducit is the safe and natural alternative to sulfites.

As sulfites are being phased out due to the high allergen concerns for both the consumer and the workers handling the material in the processing environment, alternatives are actively being sought. This low-cost treatment is a natural replacement for sulfites. In addition, Reducit is both Kosher- and Halah-certified.

Another benefit of Reducit is the reduction of acrylamide formation on fried potatoes. Citric acid is commonly used as an acidulant in food processing and is known as an effective treatment for inhibiting acrylamide formation. Independent research conducted by the University of Maine comparing Reducit with citric acid to reduce acrylamide formation on fried potatoes showed Reducit to be more effective than citric acid without the associated sour taste the citric acid imparts. In addition, the fried potatoes dipped in Reducit maintained a preferable texture over the potatoes dipped in citric acid prior to frying.