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Published in the November 2012 Issue Published online: Nov 08, 2012
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Underhill Sapien Two-Wire Controllers

LAKE FOREST, Calif.-Sapien, the industry's first dedicated two-wire controller with 63 stations, now features a new line of customized enclosures that protect the system from weather elements, vandalism and pests. The enclosures are available in heavy-duty plastic or stainless steel as wall mounts or pedestal-style.

Sapien two-wire controllers were recently introduced by Underhill International, which pioneered the use of simplified, easy-to-install, two-wire systems for residential and commercial sites. No special wiring or field grounding is required with Underhill's 2Wire products.

The plastic wall mount cabinet has a strong, lockable front entry door and measures 11.5-inch high x 9.25-inch wide x 5.5-inch deep. Mounting plate and hardware are included.



Bestway AutoGlide

HIAWATHA, Kan.-Bestway Inc., a leading specialty agricultural equipment manufacturer and marketer, announced the introduction of the AutoGlide automatic sprayer boom-height-control system for Bestway Field PRO IV sprayers.

The new AutoGlide system uses rugged ultrasonic range sensors mounted on the spray boom to continually monitor and maintain the height of the booms above the ground or crop canopy. The AutoGlide system delivers more consistent spray patterns, better coverage and reduced drift potential. With AutoGlide, operator fatigue is reduced allowing you to cover more acres in a day.

AutoGlide uses the sprayers existing electric-over-hydraulic controls, so there are no extra hydraulic components to add to your sprayer. This makes AutoGlide the simplest and easiest automatic boom-height-control system to install.

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Valley Irrigation TrackNet

VALLEY, Neb.-Valley Irrigation, the leader in precision irrigation, introduces Valley TrackNet, a family of web-based irrigation management products that offers growers the ability to manage their center pivots and linears both remotely and more efficiently. Though Tracker products have been available from Valley for nine years, the new TrackNet family of products allows for a wider range of options in the Tracker product line, including the new TrackerPro.

Through the use of Valley TrackNet, growers can easily monitor and manage any brand of center pivot or linear, as well as Valley auxiliary equipment from mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The TrackerLT is designed for Valley mechanical and non-Valley control panels and allows basic control and monitoring. The TrackerPro is also used with both Valley mechanical and non-Valley control panels, and gives growers the highest level of monitoring and control available for these panels.



Rugby Wildcat Rancher

RUGBY, N.D.-The Rugby Wildcat Rancher body's heavy-duty construction is designed to stand up to tough job sites and difficult working conditions. Equipped with convenient, timesaving features, the Wildcat Rancher is well suited for the oilfield, as well as other highly demanding construction applications.

A 3/16-inch steel tread plate floor, a 12-gauge smooth steel rear apron, a reinforced hitch plate and 12-gauge skirting below body provide durability and reliability. The Rugby Wildcat Rancher HD is available in 9-foot-3-inch and 11-foot-3-inch lengths, with a 96-inch outside width. The body comes standard with tool boxes incorporated into the body on each side (24-inch x 18-inch x 18-inch). An optional rear tool box is also available (12-inch x 16-inch x 18-inch). A complete set of 8-inch side sections, utilizing the outside stake pockets, is also available.



Produce Pro PPro Sales App

WOODRIDGE, Ill.-Finally, an app for your sales staff to make their customer site visits easier. Produce Pro Software launched the PPro Sales App at PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim, Calif., in October. The PPro Sales App mobilizes Produce Pro's sales functionality to provide your sales staff with real-time customer specific information to optimize their sales visits.

The application will communicate with your Produce Pro system to update the PPro Sales App pricing and customer information. The app alleviates sales staff needing to print off reports from the system and bring the paper to the customer's site. All past orders, A/R details, etc. can be viewed right from the app. When salespeople need to view other customer information they simply select the customer they want and all their information loads. With the PPro Sales App, your sales staff will have the capability to provide better customer service to your clients.

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CASE IH Steiger Rowtrac

RACINE, Wis.-The unparalleled, proven technology of the CASE IH Steiger Quadtrac will now be available in the new 2013 Steiger Rowtrac.

The Steiger Rowtrac will be one of the highest horsepower, tracked row-crop tractors in the market with the capacity to pull larger implements. It will have the advantages of Quadtrac technology for both primary and secondary tillage and field applications, including planting, side-dressing, fertilizing and specialty applications. In fact, the narrow track, with adjustable row spacing will easily adapt to North American row-crop farming applications. Available in three models-350, 400 and 450-CASE IH has a tractor to fit the needs of every farming situation.



BASF Zampro Fungicide

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.-Potato growers now have a new mode of action for managing downy mildew and Phytophthora blight (crown rot). BASF in September announced that Zampro fungicide received U.S. EPA registration.

Zampro fungicide is a multi-site preventative fungicide containing a unique new chemistry. Labeled crops include: cucurbits, leaf vegetables, grapes, fruiting and bulb vegetables, potatoes and hops.

Zampro fungicide is a premix combination of ametoctradin-a new mode of action-and dimethomorph. It is designed specifically to protect crops against oomycete diseases such as downy mildews, Phytophthora infestans and Phytophthora capsici. Multi-year research results prove the effectiveness of Zampro fungicide, showing when applied preventatively, it has excellent action against oomycete pathogens. Zampro fungicide can be applied at a maximum of three applications per season with no more than two consecutive applications. Best results are achieved with Zampro fungicide as a preventative application.



Two Lindsay Products: New FieldNET & VISION for Laterals

GRAND ISLAND, Neb.-Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, announces two new products: the next generation of FieldNET wireless irrigation management, and the addition of VISION for laterals-automatic control for lateral irrigation systems.

The new FieldNET now includes several new features and user interface enhancements for remote control of center pivot irrigation systems, lateral irrigation systems and pumps. Also new to FieldNET Mobile are apps that are compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices so growers can check their entire irrigation system from virtually anywhere.

VISION's "EZ Water Wizard" saves water and labor by automatically varying the water rates so the lateral never has to complete a dry run, and no area is over- or under-watered. Up to 20 water zones can be created in just a few steps with the product. VISION for laterals features enhanced shutdown diagnostics, works on multiple field options and is designed specifically for Zimmatic 9500L irrigation systems.

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Hypro Push-to-Connect Products

NEW BRIGHTON, Minn.-Hypro introduced the Push-to-Connect Nozzle Bodies and FastCaps designed for adapting fertilization and nutrient application kits to planters, seeders and toolbars. The Push-to-Connect Nozzle Bodies replace leak-prone threaded fittings in these systems with a design that utilizes a double O-ring to provide superior sealing of the hose in the Push-to-Connect fitting.

The Push-to-Connect product line is available with either 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch Push-to-Connect fittings. The nozzle bodies are available in two different configurations: 1) Push-to-Connect by Push-to-Connect configuration eliminates threaded fittings, providing fast maintenance and increased reliability; 2) Push-to-Connect by Bayonet offers the flexibility of either standard spray tip caps or the Push-to Connect FastCaps, which allow the use of flow-regulating discs for precision metering.