Published online: Oct 13, 2012 Potato Harvesting, Potato Equipment
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FRIESLAND, Wis.-The Alsum Fast & Fresh Steamer Potatoes have a new look-one that introduces the consumer to the man behind the brand: Larry Alsum. Alsum Farms & Produce grows Russet, Red, White and Golden Wisconsin potatoes in the Lower Wisconsin River Valley and markets 300 varieties of fruits and vegetables, many of which are distributed under their own brand name.
The Fast & Fresh Steamers are conveniently packaged. All the consumer has to do is place the pre-washed and bagged potatoes into the microwave for five minutes and they have a nutritious fresh meal on hand. A medium-size skin-on potato contains 620 g of potassium, has only 110 calories per serving, is free of sodium, gluten, fat and cholesterol, and provides almost half the daily value of vitamin C (45 percent).
Heidi Randall, Marketing Manager at Alsum Farms & Produce, notes, "People are showing greater interest in knowing where their food comes from and who helps put food on their table. Larry Alsum is the face of this brand-he drives our new product innovation. He's always working on new ways to grow higher quality produce  and more convenient ways for busy families to make affordable, healthy meals. Larry is a trusted and respected grower and the updated packaging reflects that trust," adds Randall.

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