Published in the May 2012 Issue Published online: May 10, 2012 Tyler J. Baum, Editor
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Belay InsecticideBELAY: Belay offers long-lasting, broad-spectrum protection against Colorado potato beetles, aphids, leafhoppers, flea beetles, white grubs and more. Research has shown 7-14 additional days of performance with Belay, which provides growers the flexibility of seed-piece, soil or foliar uses on a single label.

Venom InsecticideVENOM: Fast-acting Venom fights tough potato pests with its super-systemic uptake and quick foliar action. Like Belay, Venom brings flexibility as a foliar, drip, drench or side-dress treatment.


DiPel Biological InsecticideDIPEL: DiPel Biological Insecticide brings a highly selective, bio-rational control to target more than 55 species of worm pests. Plus, DiPel has a four-hour restricted entry interval (REI), the lowest allowed by law.


XenTari Biological InsecticideXENTARI: Another bio-rational product, XenTari is an excellent integrated pest management tool either used alone or in combination with other chemistries, and it's easy on beneficial insects. XenTari has outstanding efficacy against armyworms and diamondback moth larvae.