Taking the Stress off the Plant-and the Wallet

Eco1st Irrigation Enhancer now available for rent

Published in the February 2012 Issue Published online: Feb 06, 2012
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Efficiency, affordability and profitability are at the top of the list for every farm business owner. Each decision must be calculated, especially in these difficult economic times. Growers are looking to cut costs, increase profits and explore new ways of positively affecting their bottom line. New growing practices and technologies are paving the way for growers to increase their efficiency and profitability.

One company gearing its business model toward helping growers increase efficiency is Eco1st Technology Group, located in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Eco1st manufactures a water treatment technology like nothing else on the market today. This unique, solid-state technology that ionizes irrigation water is increasing profitability for growers nationwide. They recently implemented an equipment rental option that makes this high-quality, result-driven technology affordable for every grower looking for that edge to increase profits.

Eco1st Director of Sales and Marketing Jaeden Kolb-Lopes calls it, "The model for success that can impact farms all over the United States."

Eco1st has identified a way to ensure that each grower who rents their equipment can enjoy all the benefits at a fraction of the total cost of the equipment. Over the many years that they've been selling the equipment in different applications, they have found that growers take a huge risk by investing large amounts of capital at the beginning of each season. In the perfect scenario, growers have ideal weather, grow a healthy crop and the market will provide a good price for what he has produced-all of this so that growers can make a profit.

Growers who are using the Irrigation Enhancer are experiencing key benefits, including an increase in water penetration, lower plant stress and an increase in plant health and quality. These taken together naturally result in a crop yield increases. This technology has been primarily used on farms that have high levels of salinity or other contaminates in the irrigation water and or fields with water penetration problems. The Irrigation Enhancer neutralizes these negative conditions that typically create great stress on plants. Simply put, "The worse these conditions are on a farm, the greater the yield increase a grower can expect to see."

One grower, for example, recently reported to Eco1st that he had the Irrigation Enhancer installed on his water supply line, which he uses to irrigate his potatoes with water that has 4,500 ppm in chlorides. He states that his yield production has increased by 45 percent. This is just one of many customer scenarios where Eco1st technology has made a major positive impact, taking some of the stress off the grower by taking the stress off the plants.

Eco1st believes that their customers' success comes first. Offering the choice of renting or purchasing their equipment makes it easier for growers to look at their current business and weigh the option that best suits their needs. Eco1st account executives are both personable and technically trained to work with the grower every step of the way, developing a plan to ensure that each grower gets the most out of their experience with the Eco1st Irrigation Enhancer.