Published online: Feb 15, 2012 Fungicide
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WALNUT CREEK, Calif.-Valent U.S.A. Corporation announced that Quash Fungicide has been registered by the EPA for use on potato.

Quash is a highly effective, broad-spectrum triazole fungicide containing metconazole. Its registration provides potato growers with an important new tool for resistance management and disease control.

"Quash provides exceptional control of a broad spectrum of foliar diseases," said Gerald Holmes, product development manager for Valent. "Resistance management is going to be an important issue in potatoes, and Quash provides growers with a new tool and some unique advantages."

Quash provides excellent control of early blight and other damaging diseases, including white mold, brown spot and black dot. With increasing resistance to strobilurin and SDHI fungicides, Quash provides potato growers with a much-needed new option for resistance management.

Quash can be applied to potato by either aerial or ground application.

Visit www.valent.com/quash.