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Published in the February 2012 Issue Published online: Feb 11, 2012 Tyler J. Balm
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 Senninger Up3 Dual Nozzle Carrier

Senninger Irrigation releases the new UP3 Dual Nozzle Carrier for installations needing two different flows from the same sprinkler package. The flexible material is ideal for durability from possible impact. This carrier, coupled with the innovative UP3 nozzle design, makes flow change convenient. Just pinch and pull to remove the nozzle, and then flip the unit over, place and click to re-install. Cleaning and changing nozzles is so convenient, there's no need to disassemble or remove the sprinkler. The Dual Nozzle Carrier is clearly marked with "high" and "low" to readily identify which nozzle flow is being used. The new UP3 Dual Nozzle Carrier is designed for use with the UP3 i-Wob, Xi-Wob, LDN and Super Spray.


IACO Hose Booms

(360) 896-9440

Installing Part-Circle Rotators on Hose Booms minimizes wheel tracking issues and maximizes the effectiveness of part-circle devises as compared to mounting on straight drops. The IACO Hose Boom is the only boom recommended by Nelson for use with the Part-Circle Rotator.

Whether you are using tried-and-true water dispersal units requiring a length of hose or the latest technology in part-circle units, the Hose Boom takes it in stride. Leave a length of hose hanging or pull it up close to absorb side force and control rotational torsion.

The Hose Boom features a unique torque clip and side-force control fitting to hold the part-circle water pattern in place. With built-in dampening you have system stability and extended wear life.

Sixteen feet of 17-gauge galvanized tubing means a full 15 feet of offset. With 24 feet of hose already installed, you have a totally non-corrosive connection. No more rust flakes! New galvanized brackets with slotted holes make for easy assembly. IACO now manufactures a 10-foot Hose Boom, providing just the right amount of offset necessary when installing PC-R3000 Rotators.

IACO has been in business for over 50 years, manufacturing a complete line of boom backs, catering to every need.


Eco1st Irrigation Enhancer

(714) 662-7514

 Quality water is at the heart of all agricultural operations. Without good water, crops can't get the sustenance they need and, as a result, farms produce at lower than desired levels. Past technologies for improving the quality of irrigation water have proven unsuccessful and extremely expensive. The Irrigation Enhancer is here to change all of that.

The Irrigation Enhancer by Eco1st Technology Group provides growers with the enhanced water they need to increase plant health, improve water conservation and drastically increase profits. The Irrigation Enhancer takes contaminated and/or salty irrigation water and literally transforms it into "enhanced water"-ionized water more easily absorbed by crops-thereby reducing the stress on plants and improving the overall health and yield of virtually any grower's crop.

The Irrigation Enhancer is an inline water enhancement system shown to increase crop yields by anywhere from 25 to 100 percent, as attested to by Eco1st satisfied customers. Eco1st has recently implemented an equipment rental option that makes this high-quality, result-driven technology affordable for every grower looking for that edge to increase profits. Case studies, technical information and testimonials are available online.


Nelson Pivot Rotator Sprinkler Technology

Nelson Irrigation Corporation celebrates 25 years of Rotator Technology-a game-changing sprinkler technology for mechanized water application packages. The simplicity of the Rotator mechanism-with only one moving part and no seals or bearing exposed directly to water pressure or water quality-has stood the test of time for unmatched reliability and longevity.

The highly-engineered, customized stream heights, droplet configurations and uniformity provide the perfect platform for precision sprinkler irrigation. Refined and improved for the highest uniformity characteristics in real-world conditions, the Nelson Pivot Rotator is the premiere center pivot water application device. The R3000 Rotator with the Brown plate was specifically designed for the precision uniformity demands for high-quality potato production under center pivots.

The Nelson R33 - _" Rotator Sprinkler Technology replaces Brass Impact Sprinklers. Nelson Irrigation Corporation's three-quarter-inch sprinkler for solid set, wheel-line and aluminum hand-move irrigation provides a superior alternative to brass impact sprinklers. Made in the U.S.A. and specifically designed as a better alternative to Nelson's flagship F33 brass impact, the R33 is field-proven and field-tested.


Nebraska Irrigation Sime Wing pivot gun

(800) 397-1100

In 2006, Nebraska Irrigation teamed up with leading European sprinkler manufacturer Sime to introduce the Wing pivot gun to the center pivot industry. Now with years of reliable operation, Nebraska Irrigation and Sime are pleased to introduce the new Sime Wing pivot gun with all new cylinder-designed reverse mechanism, allowing for a more simple design then other brands.

The Wing pivot gun has excellent uniformity at all pressure ranges and no wrenches are needed to adjust, or change nozzle size. Contact your local pivot irrigation dealer and ask them to stock the New Sime Wing, call Nebraska Irrigation or visit their website. Nebraska Irrigation, Inc has been a leader in the Center Pivot parts industry since 1975.


Weather Tec G75 Genesis Series Impact Sprinkler

(800) 835-7836

The G75 Genesis Series Impact Sprinkler has a three-quarter-inch base sprinkler with a continuous stainless steel water passage for an unobstructed flow of water, called by Weather-Tec's staff, "The Smoothest Path to Greater Irrigation Efficiency."

The consistency from head to head is identical, unlike regular brass heads, which have a roughness in the water passage and inconsistency from head to head. The G75 has a die-cast ZA8 head and die-cast brass lever for strength and consistent performance. The head can also be supplied in durable plastic with the water passage still stainless steel.

With an exclusive "Quick Change Bearing," the G75 has a unique construction that reduces theft potential. The cost savings is something consumers can check out. On top of that, the G75 is made in the USA.


MorpH2O Water Management, LLC

(801) 317-4239

MorpH2O Water Management, LLC, is dedicated to providing cost-effective water management solutions for lawns and landscapes. Their motto is "Transforming Water Management-Worldwide."

The Aguamiser interrupts scheduled irrigation events when soil moisture is at or above a pre-determined level called an interruption point. Once the interruption point is determined, the Aguamiser will stop scheduled but unneeded irrigation events. When the irrigation timer/controller opens the 24-volt circuit to the remote valve, the Aguamiser takes a soil moisture measurement, compares it to the interruption point and cuts the common if the soil moister level is at or above the interruption point. This prevents over-irrigation without ever having to adjust the timer/controller while maintaining a beautiful turf and landscape.


Irrometer Watermark Monitor

(951) 689-1701

Lower operating costs and improve crop yields by monitoring soil conditions with the Watermark Monitor from Irrometer. The Watermark Monitor is an irrigation data management system that automatically records soil moisture and other sensor readings. The readings can be displayed in the field, downloaded at the site and viewed graphically on a computer, or viewed from a remote location miles away. Data interpretation can help improve irrigation scheduling for improved productivity and reduced waste.

The 900M Monitor is a cost-effective data logger that can monitor eight wired sensor inputs. Optional equipment allows remote connectivity using radio, cellular or satellite communication, providing worldwide access to data.

Features include eight channels, a selectable reading frequency, large data capacity and in-field display. The data graphs display on user's computer for easy interpretation, and it reads soil moisture, temperature, switch closure event and rain sensors. The low-cost, easy-to-use, battery-powered Watermark also includes a weatherproof enclosure and software.


Valley Cruise Control

(402) 359-2201

Valley Cruise Control from Valmont allows producers to be even more precise with chemigation and fertigation. They have the ability to program a center pivot equipped with a Pro2 control panel to automatically adjust to actual ground speed, and automatically makes in-field, real-time speed adjustments to match "wheel speed" with "ground speed." Cruise Control allows you to complete a full or partial revolution in the amount of time you specify. It eliminates the risk of running short or having excess chemicals, fertilizers or other crop applicants after completion of the center pivot program.


Seametrics 3-inch WMP-Series Magmeter

Seametrics has expanded its WMP-Series of molded plastic magmeters to include a 3-inch size. The WMP product family now includes 1-, 2-, and 3-inch meters to meet the broad range of needs in the market. As with previous models, the 3-inch WMP is available in both battery and externally-powered versions.

Polypropylene bodies and T-316 stainless steel electrodes give this flow meter good chemical resistance and the no-moving parts technology assures freedom from mechanical breakdowns.

The simple digital display shows flow rate and accumulated total in a variety of U.S. and metric units, and a pulse output is available for pacing external devices.


Reinke RPM Touchscreen Panel

(402) 721-0066

As growers look for ways to simplify the programming of their mechanized irrigation systems, Reinke has introduced the first touch-screen control panel technology to the market. The RPM Touchscreen Panel is designed to make for a faster and more intuitive process for such irrigation operations.

Implemented shortcuts provide the control panel user with immediate access for programming end-guns, phase converters, chemical pumps, well pumps and auxiliaries. User customization capabilities also allow for ease of tailoring water and chemical applications to match slope and soil conditions.

Built on a Microsoft Windows platform, the LCD panel of the RPM Touchscreen Panel is built to withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity and is sunlight readable. It is equipped with an integrated system scheduling application as well as capabilities for history logs, wet/dry ratios and weather data. The RPM Touchscreen Panel fits into the existing Reinke Precision Management (RPM) line of control panel technology and is available at Reinke dealers.


Omni Enviro H2O Energizer

(888) 820-0363

Omni Enviro's H2O Energizer water systems promise results: 10 to 30 percent increase in yields and 10 to 30 percent decrease in water usage, not to mention a number of additional valuable benefits.

The H2O Energizer delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the plant while reducing scaling, salts and TDS. The increase in nutrient solubility creates healthier plants and greater yields. Simply put, the H2O Energizer produces More Plant for Less Water.

The H2O Energizer, which is designed for efficiency, are in-line systems and fit any type of irrigation, from center pivots to pumps, drip and sprinklers to flood. They're scalable and configurable, mobile and long-lasting, require no maintenance, are chemical-free and guaranteed for 10 years.

Matt Seay of John M Seay Farms in Bunnell, Fla., says, "I've farmed potatoes on this difficult, high-salt block for 10 years and never got this kind of quality, uniformity and yield-using less water."


T-L Irrigation Precision Point Control Three (PPC III)

(800) 330-4264

T-L Irrigation Co., manufacturer of hydrostatically powered pivot and linear irrigation systems, announces the Precision Point Control III, the newest advancement in T-L's mid-level control from its family of pivot management systems.

With the addition of a GPS Antenna at the end tower, or a Rotary Encoder at the pivot point, the PPC III Control Panel can automate operation of several functions by angle location (degrees) of the pivot.

 Up to five variable application areas can be set in either the forward or reverse direction.

 End gun operation can be set with up to three different end-gun tables to accommodate multiple towable pivot locations.

 Auto Reverse/Auto Stop operation can be set by pivot position.

PPCIII's user-friendly control panel can display real time diagnostic information such as set speed versus actual speed, the system's current run time and relevant GPS data, such as latitude and longitude and WAAS fix.

When combined with PPC III, T-L's hydrostatic design and continuous system movement gives users the assurance of uniform water application, improved crop production and effective system management.

Pierce Corporation

(541) 998-0300

Since first opening its factory doors in 1932, Pierce Corporation and the products they develop have been sparked by innovation. From the first Chevron Gasket patented in 1934 to the recently introduced Chemigation Monitoring System, Pierce-Built products are recognized as industry trailblazers. Today, mechanized irrigation systems like the CP-600 Center Pivot and Linear systems benefit Ag Producers on a global scale, as does the equally effective AcreMaster series of Micro-Pivots for smaller operations. Through 80 years of reliable, inspired engineering, Pierce hasn't lost sight of the importance hard work plays in their growing success and that of the customers they serve both domestically and internationally.


(888) 387-6374

Drip irrigation, both above ground and subsurface (SDI), is opening wide to the commercial potato growers, as well as all other crops. Eurodrip USA continually improves their designs and quality to meet and exceed the needs of the growers. Potato growers using Eurodrip USA drip tape may have substantially higher marketable potatoes, and decreased costs in nutrients, labor, power, water, fungicide use and more. The key is that the water and nutrients are applied directly to the plant root so that erosion is not a concern with drip.

Custom emitter spacing is one of the benefits of Eurodrip USA drip tape. Spacing controls the output of the water and nutrients to the potatoes. The spacing is designed on such factors as soil, water availability and terrain. These emitters are special in that they are welded into the drip tape. It is seamless and the emitters are welded in for durability.

This product also features the Olson Vacleen Filter, which is a stainless-steel filter that is portable and self-cleaning and is available from 125 GPH - 2000 GPH. The portability allows for the filter to be moved from field to field. Another feature includes other filters such as a sand media filter.

Lindsay FieldNET PRO w/ GPS

Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic by Lindsay irrigation systems, introduces FieldNET PRO with GPS-a web-based irrigation controller designed for existing electrically-driven pivots with programmable or mechanical panels.

FieldNET PRO combines GPS positioning and wireless communication to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of existing center pivots. Growers who install FieldNET PRO with GPS gain remote monitoring and control, even on mechanical panels.

"By retrofitting an existing pivot with FieldNET PRO with GPS, a grower will be able to manage it using the FieldNET Wireless Irrigation Network," says Reece Andrews, New Technology Product Manager at Lindsay. "Control over FieldNET is easy, and the added convenience and efficiency can result in significant savings on water, labor and energy."

Additional product features include water rate adjustments, end-gun control and shutdown alerts, as well as smartphone access with FieldNET Mobile. FieldNET PRO with GPS is compatible with several brands of panels.