Published online: Jan 18, 2012 Potato Storage, Potato Harvesting, Insecticide, Seed Potatoes
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Zebra chip disease nearly destroyed a large U.S. potato growing business, its owner and chief executive told the Cambridge University Potato Growers Research Association conference earlier this month.

Foliar symptoms of the disease, which was first found in Mexico in 1994 and has spread north since, were identified in CSS Farms potatoes in July 2007, Milt Carter said.
"By mid-August in the first year, there were large patches that were completely dead. To try to reduce the problem in storage, we marked to dead spots and did not harvest them. But there were still too many tubers affected by zebra chip that went into storage."
At the time, little was understood about what caused the disease and how it was transmitted.

SOURCE: Mike Abram, Farmer's Weekly