Quatro Footwear

Published in the January 2012 Issue Published online: Jan 17, 2012
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CONEWANGO, N.Y.-New Zealand's Skellerup Industries announces that its full line of Quatro Footwear is now available to farming, agricultural and industrial applications in the U.S. A select group of retailers is being assembled.

The flagship model of Skellerup footwear, the Quatro Waterproof Farm Boot, represents the next generation in waterproof footwear. Hand-built using natural rubber formulations developed to meet exacting quality standards, Quatro provides the highest level in comfort and durability.

Built for the demanding environments of agribusiness, each Quatro boot features uppers made of UV-resistant natural rubber, specially treated to resist acid found in manure and urine that eats through lesser boots. The Quatro Comfort system consists of cushioned rubber midsoles, arch-support systems and outsoles designed to cushion and distribute the weight of the wearer.

Quatro Boots are available in 13-inch calf-height and 16-inch knee height for all applications. Both lengths are available with and without 4-mm neoprene foam insulation, which has a thermal insulation rating of -58 degrees F.

Visit www.QuatroFootwear.com.