McCormick X10 Series

Published in the January 2012 Issue Published online: Jan 19, 2012
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McCormick USA's new and innovative lineup of the X10 Series compact and utility tractors, ranging from 22- to 91-hp, is designed to meet a wide variety of applications. The X10 Series is a result of an OEM agreement between parent company Argo Tractors and Korean manufacturer, Daedong. The X10 tractors compliment McCormick USA's existing agriculture and utility tractors up to 213 hp.

With a one-piece sloping hood and contoured fenders the X10 Series tractors are stylish machines that are powered to the max. With water-cooled, Daedong three- and four-cylinder indirect injected diesel engines and Perkins four-cylinder, turbo-charged engines on the two largest models, the X10 tractors will provide plenty of power and performance for all-around tractor needs.

The Hydrostatic transmission allows the operator convenience of selecting variable speeds without having to depress a clutch or shift gears. It's as simple as selecting the range then depress the forward / reverse pedal to obtain the desired speed. Once the speed is set, cruise control can be engaged, to maintain the desired speed.

The responsive tractor hydraulics makes it easy to precisely operate the front end loader and three-point hitch. Smooth and powerful hydraulics helps get the job done faster by precisely placing the loader or implement at the desired height.

On hydrostatic drive units, two separate hydraulic systems keep tractor hydraulics isolated from the transmission hydraulics. This protects the hydrostatic transmission from being contaminated, thus ensuring long life on the transmission. With hydraulic power steering it is easy to turn the steering wheel, even under the heavy loads encountered when the loader bucket is full.

The X10 Series offers a high-quality, adjustable, suspension seat that maintains operator comfort for long hours of work while minimizing operator fatigue. It's easy to operate an X10 Series compact tractor. Integrated joystick design and logical control placement keeps the operator focused and safe. The fully retractable seatbelt assures operator safety. All instrumentation on the interior is placed in a logical position as well as provides an easy view for the operator for optimum efficiency.

At a glance, the operator can check the engine RPM, temperature and fuel level. The electronic hour meter accurately records the working hours of the tractor.

Houston-based Mahindra USA's all-new, four-wheel-drive 6010 HST Cab is one of the newest entries to the 10 series, a value line of compact economy machines designed for a multitude of uses.

Each 6010 tractor features a four-cylinder, 59-hp, turbo-charged and indirect injection engine that is the best in its class. The new models continue the strength of the 10 series, with a loader lift capacity of 3,122 lbs. Standard features on the new 10 series models include: ergonomic and spacious cabs, flat operator's platform for comfort, push button cruise and speed settings, load sensing function and standard AM/FM stereo with CD player. The 6010 HST features hydrostatic transmission with three ranges and infinite speeds, and a 3,314 lb. hydraulic lift capacity.

Mahindra became the No.1-selling tractor in the world in 2010 due to providing consumers with value-packed, high-quality tractors. Mahindra is the only tractor manufacturer in the world to win both the Deming Application Prize and the coveted Japan Quality Medal for excellence in Total Quality Management, awarded by the Deming Prize Committee, care of the Union of Japanese Scientists.