Alliance Tire Flotation Radial

Published in the January 2012 Issue Published online: Jan 17, 2012
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Alliance Tire Americas introduces the FloTruck 382, a new, all-steel radial flotation tire rated for 6,610 pounds at 62 mph (3,000 kg at 100 km/h) and DOT-compliant.

The block-tread design of the FloTruck 382 creates a large contact patch and a flat profile, reducing soil compaction and ensuring excellent road performance. Advanced compounding and all-steel construction improve stubble resistance and deliver long-lasting performance.

"The FloTruck 382 continues Alliance's commitment to developing the tires our customers need-tires that go faster, haul more and last longer than ever, helping growers improve their productivity," says James Tuschner, marketing director for Alliance. "Alliance has been an innovator in radial flotation tire technology from the very beginning, and we're using that experience to continue improving the tools available to today's growers."

The Alliance FloTruck 382 is available in the popular 600/50R22.5 size, which fits a wide range of agricultural trucks, wagons, carts and trailers.

Visit or call Alliance at (800) 97-TIRES.