A New Natural Ally

Bio S.I. formula rebuilds, renews and restores soil

Published in the January 2012 Issue Published online: Jan 19, 2012
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With the rising costs of fertilizers, chemicals and water, and the public's growing preference for natural agricultural methods, soil inoculants are becoming an important part of the changing times in agriculture.

Bio S.I.'s Agriculture Formula soil inoculants are comprised of naturally beneficial microbes that break down organic matter into humus, converting tied up fertilizers and other nutrients in the soil into useable nutrient forms. They also flocculate the soil, allowing air and water penetration. Bio S.I. contains a broad and diverse population of living microbes. Microbes exude enzymes and polysaccharides that improve soil productivity, which then leads to more productive crops, improving the bottom line for the producer. These chains of events are all vital to healthy land, agriculture and consumer products.

Until recently, little was known about soil-borne microbes and the important role they play in the overall vitality and texture of soil. Growers and scientists simply didn't have the technology to study or understand the vital role that micro-organisms play in agriculture. Scientists know today that healthy soil can contain up to one million species of microbes per gram, making it the most abundant ecosystem on Earth.

Over time, environmental factors such as weather, tillage practices, pollution, fertilizers and chemicals alter the natural health and vitality of our soils. Rebuilding the micro-organisms normally found in your soil can reverse those effects and help renew and restore its vitality.

Bio S.I.'s Agriculture Formula and Agriculture Select are designed to work in conjunction with fertilizers and chemicals, rather than in place of them. They enhance growth by increasing the efficiency of fertilizers and the exchange of nutrients between the soil and roots. They also make soils more productive by freeing up otherwise unavailable nutrients and allow water to penetrate more easily to reach nutrient-hungry roots.

Bio S.I. is determined to have a permanent effect on helping growers bring their farms to a more productive, vigorous and balanced state. Bio S.I. conserves the soil while using the "less is more" concept. Bio S.I. focuses on the use of the right chemicals, the right fertilizer, at the right time, as well as better, more-efficient utilization of soil nutrients and water.

Its solutions are naturally occurring soil-borne microbes and do not contain any laboratory-engineered or manipulated microbes. Bio S.I. products are non-manure based. The company constantly strives to improve their products and uses cutting-edge testing methods for improving the consistency of every product it makes.

Agriculture formulas can help reduce fertilizer and chemical costs by increasing the efficiency of the fertilizers and at the same time restore soils that have been over-fertilized over time. They also help reduce crusting, hardpan, water run-off and improve water retention and absorption by building humus. When you apply Bio S.I. products, unlike fertilizers and chemicals, they continue to add value and improve soil conditions as long as you strive to improve the life in the soil by using our soil rebuilding programs.