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The 2011 Idaho Potato Production Costs Report is now available.

The overall goal of this project is to provide the Idaho potato industry with an unbiased and consistently calculated estimate of the cost of producing potatoes in three regions of Idaho and to track the change in production costs per acre and per hundredweight over time.


The following objectives are designed to meet the project goal:


1. To collect data from input suppliers, machinery and equipment dealers, and growers as appropriate.

2. To revise and update existing potato costs and returns estimates to reflect current input costs and production practices.

3. To develop cost of production estimates for new varieties or new or proposed production systems as needed or as requested.

4. To calculate changes in production costs per acre and per hundredweight and include both the detailed and summary cost changes in an annual report.

5. To make the annual report available to the Idaho potato industry and to present the information as requested.

6. To maintain a Cost of Production Advisory Committee representing the different segments of the Idaho potato industry and to meet with this group to review the CAR estimates and to obtain input on proposed revisions.