Underhill "Gulp Ultramax" Water Removal Pumps

Published in the November 2011 Issue Published online: Nov 07, 2011
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LAKE FOREST, Calif.-Underhill's expanding line of Gulp water removal pumps now features the Gulp UltraMax and Big Gulp UltraMax, which can displace eight to12 gallons per minute.

Featuring a super-smooth pumping action, the UltraMax models efficiently eliminate water from valve boxes, sprinklers or any other flooded area.

Gulp UltraMax has a 14-inch pump chamber and an 18-inch outlet hose. Big Gulp UltraMax includes a 36-inch chamber and flexible outlet hoses in either 36-inch or 72-inch lengths. Both Gulps have durable pump shafts and are self-priming.

Contoured ergonomic handles provide a secure grip and smooth operation without impacting hands and knuckles. A push-button cleaning system allows quick flushing of the pump chamber when the job is completed.

Underhill's Gulp Series also includes the popular Gulp Syringe Ultra, a mini-model with 12-inch pump chamber and 12-oz stroke, a handy tool for small clean-ups.

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