Published online: Oct 26, 2011 Potato Harvesting, Herbicide, Fungicide, Seed Potatoes
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Web Exclusive

ST. PAUL, Minn.-Common Scab is a disease that can persist indefinitely
in some soils and affects all varieties of potatoes. This unsightly disease causes
lesions on tubers, which lowers marketability and increases the costs of production
and processing.

The latest webcast from Focus on Potato by Thomas Zitter, professor of plant
pathology at Cornell University, addresses Common Scab and best management practices
to deal with the disease.

This presentation will help users:

1) Get a broad overview of Common Scab and understand its associated symptoms.
2) Become aware of the difference between Common Scab and Powdery Scab.
3) Know the characteristics of organisms involved and specific in-field features
of the disease.
4) Learn best management practices for dealing with Common Scab.

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SOURCE: Plant Management Network