Published online: Jul 17, 2011 Potato Storage, Potato Harvesting, Fertilizer
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BOISE, Idaho-The J. R. Simplot Company's Plant Sciences business announces Innate Technology, the all-native biotechnology platform for improving crops, leading to new, better and healthier foods.

Innate Technology is a patented plant biotechnology process that works with a plant's own genes to enhance desirable traits and to decrease less desirable traits. Traditional plant breeding is a random method for crossing genetics with unpredictable results. Innate Technology precisely targets particular traits without introducing foreign DNA.

Simplot's first application of Innate Technology involves improved potato varieties, which differ from their conventional counterparts in three ways: 1) reduced black-spot bruising; 2) reduced degradation of starch to sugars during storage; and 3) reduced asparagine levels. These traits are beneficial to consumers and to the potato industry.

Simplot's first application of Innate Technology has been submitted to the USDA for regulatory review.