Published online: Jul 21, 2011 Fungicide
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Focus on Potato, a nonprofit publication of the Plant Management Network, announces the launch of "Powdery Scab of Potato" by Robert Davidson, Professor of Plant Pathology at Colorado State University.

This presentation was developed to help consultants and growers identify powdery
scab of potato and manage the disease using an integrated approach to control.
Key symptoms used to identify the various stages of the disease are described and contrasted with other similar problems. Details of the pathogen, host, disease cycle and environmental factors affecting symptom development are also discussed.

Attention is also given to management options, including avoiding the disease,
measuring the inoculum load in soil, making the appropriate cultivar selections based upon the field history, resistance of a given cultivar, inoculum levels, environment and utilizing specific chemical control. U
nderstanding the full integration of several different strategies for the producer are key to managing this potentially devastating and hard to control disease.

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