Published online: Jan 05, 2011 Potato Storage
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LISLE, Ill.-McCain Foods, the world's largest maker of frozen prepared potatoes, has joined the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) in its pledge to reduce obesity, especially among children aged 6 to 11, by 2015.

McCain Foods will provide support for programs and activities designed to help people achieve a healthy weight by balancing energy (calories) consumed with energy expended through physical activity. Today, many Americans are consuming more calories than they expend, and nutrition and health experts are calling for all stakeholders to do their part in bringing solutions to the table. HWCF activities focus on three specific areas-the marketplace, the workplace and schools.

More than 40 HWCF member companies are reformulating products, modifying calorie labels for greater visibility, reducing portion sizes of existing single-serve products and/or promoting healthful eating, according to the Foundation.