Foliar Nutrition

Published in the December 2010 Issue Published online: Dec 09, 2012 Scott Tillery, Staff Writer
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Precision Laboratories has recently obtained licensing from Düsseldorf, Germany, to offer Wuxal Foliar Nutrition. Wuxal, which at its Germanic root means "growing salt," utilizes Aglukon Spezialdünger suspension manufacturing technology to produce higher yields of nutrient delivery to plants.

The actual technology and know-how for the products has existed for several years now, but importation into the U.S. has been minimal. Precision Laboratories' procuring the licensing has brought the technology to the U.S. to be utilized and customized for the specific growing needs of U.S. growers.

Precision Laboratories' formulation expertise combined with the cutting-edge suspension manufacturing technology of Aglukon Spezialdünger of Düsseldorf has lead to the new line of Wuxal Foliar Nutrition. Wuxal is a stable suspension with very high nutrient loading, leading to lower-use rates and the handling of less product. Wuxal incorporates adjuvant technology for efficient foliar feeding. The high amounts of adjuvants allow for a more ready mixing with certain pesticides or other anti-parasitics, permitting the growers more freedom with their field preparation.

Though the actual Aglukon Spezialdünger suspension technology is new to the U.S., it is not actually new, and has been in use as a successful product throughout Europe for some time now. The technology allows for significantly more nutrients per gallon as compared to traditional liquid fertilizers as well as a stable suspension, which allows it to be stored for extended periods. These innovations also benefit growers by allowing them to cover more acres per gallon and store more nutrients in a smaller space. The foliars are a line of products capable of being custom matched to the crops' specific needs at specific, crucial application dates.

Though the separate nutritional supplements help combat individual problems growers face, the efficacy of the products is achieved through consistent formulations in each foliar, which allows for

consistent effectiveness. These formulations include strong chelating agents, which ensure water solubility required for plant uptake and utilization. Other key elements also include surfactants and buffering agents, which evenly distribute the spray solution on the leaf surface, improves stability of the spray solution and provides optimum nutrient availability when tank-mixing with many common pesticides. Stickers, humecants and anti-evaporants that prevent nutrient and water loss are also key ingredients to the new customization of the German technology in its introduction into the North American growers' needs. Said formulations are designed to increase efficacy and efficiency of the Wuxal Foliars.

Precision Laboratories is based in Waukegan, Ill.