Veris Launches 2 New Soil Sensors

Published in the November 2010 Issue Published online: Nov 06, 2010
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Salina, Kan.-Veris Technologies introduces two new soil sensors: the pH Detector and the Quad EC1000. These compact, real-time soil-mapping tools are designed for use with ATV's.

The pH Detector rapidly maps pH variability, either on a small grid, or at several locations within management zones. The pH probe is inserted in the soil with an easy-push mechanism, and in about 10 seconds, a geo-referenced pH measurement is recorded on the Veris DataLogger. The cost for each sample is pennies, thanks to a durable metalloid pH sensor.

The Quad EC1000 is a soil EC mapping system. It features four tine-mounted disks-two for injecting electrical current and two for measuring the voltage drop in the top 30 cm of soil. The electrical conductivity of soil is related to its soil texture-clay is highly conductive. This new system is ideal for developing management zones and variable rate seed population prescriptions.

Both systems are easy to use, easy to ship and feature many of the same components proven on Veris Technologies on-the-go EC and pH mapping equipment.