5 New Precision Products

Innovations from T&D, Raven and Lindsay

Published in the November 2010 Issue Published online: Nov 06, 2010
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Growing a successful crop in the 21st Century requires greater and greater precision. Nearly ever drop of water, every inch of soil counts. These are just some of the new products you'll find on the market to help you do just that.


Raven OmniRow Planter

The OmniRow planter control system utilizes a unique, patent-pending, hydraulic motor control unit unlike anything on the market today, eliminating the need to have an electric or air-clutch on every single row, giving both control and section shutoff with a single unit. OmniRow gives a grower the ability to control population, either manually or based off prescription map, seed monitoring and singulation, and automatic section shutoff.

The system can be configured by sections or even down to the individual row for both control and section shutoff. Operators with existing factory installed or aftermarket clutches will be able to benefit from this new technology as well, without having to start over with a completely new system. OmniRow is available on the most popular planter models on the market today, and the list will continue to grow. OmniRow will be offered through select Raven distributors who will receive specialized planter training to give growers the highest possible level of service during the critical planting season.

Visit www.goraven.com.


Raven Cruizer II

The Cruizer II is a faster, more powerful version of the original Cruizer, yet still simple to setup and simple to use. Cruizer II will give the grower the ability to load and save job files and A-B lines, and interfaces with Raven assisted steering and AccuBoom automatic section control via CANbus technology. For open air cabs, Cruizer II is available with a weather-resistant option to stand up to dust, water and other elements.

Digi-Star Cruizer scale interface Cruizer and Cruizer II will now interface with Digi-Star's scales and nutrient management system. Operators will be able to utilize GPS guidance, while monitoring application rates on-the-go by displaying tons/acre coverage on the Cruizer and Cruizer II guidance screens. The simple-to-use Start/Stop feature allows the operator to simply toggle a switch-on when they begin to unload, and then off when they are done-and the system will do the rest. Application data will be recorded and then uploaded to the Nutrient Tracker software and help to comply with their Nutrient Management Plan. Customers with existing Cruizers will be able to take advantage of the Digi-Star interface with a simple activation key and software update.

Visit www.goraven.com.


T&D WebStorage

WebStorage is an online service that offers the convenience of sharing recorded data via the internet. The WebStorage service is a multi-faceted, internet-based service provided at no cost by T&D, which enables users to make even more effective use of the data generated by their Data Loggers.

It is possible to set up any T&D-compatible products such as the RTR-500 or RTR-500GSM Data Collectors to send data via FTP to the WebStorage Service. The service then allows users to view the transmitted current readings in graph form via their browser and also includes a function to store and download recorded data from the compatible units.

Visit www.tandd.com.


T&D RTR-574

T&D Corporation has introduced the new RTR-574, a wireless four-channel logger that monitors Illuminance, Ultra-Violet, Temperature and Humidity.

In addition to these parameters, the RTR-574 is also capable of displaying "Cumulative Illuminance" and "Cumulative Amount of Ultraviolet Light" in the LCD display.

The wide Luminosity range covers 0 to 130k lx and Low Light Resolution to 0.01 lx.

The UV Range covers 0 to 30 mw/cm2. Internal Accumulation of Exposure is for both Light and UV. The RTR-574 has a wide range from 10 to 99 percent relative humidity, along with an expanded

temperature range from 0 to +55 degrees C. This compact, lightweight unit is about 2 inches by 3 inches and operates on one AA battery. The RTR-574 has a large data capacity that can store up to 8,000 readings-times four channels-for a total of 32,000 readings in One-Time or Endless recording mode. This unit is compatible with any RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Collector and can be used for automatic downloading of logged data, real-time monitoring and warning notifications by email or text to cell phones.

Visit www.tandd.com.


Lindsay FieldNET Mobile

Lindsay's FieldNET Mobile allows growers to fully control and monitor their irrigation pivots anywhere through the convenience of smartphones.

FieldNET Mobile's graphical interface is compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android technology, according to Andrews.

FieldNET is an award-winning, web-based irrigation management system. With the addition of FieldNET Mobile, growers can view the current status of all their pivots in one list, receive system alerts, arrange pivots by predefined groups, view water usage reports and receive a history of pivot runtimes.

Visit www.lindsayfieldnet.com